Equipment and adaptations

​There are lots of examples of equipment that you could use around your home to help you with day-to-day tasks.

How do I get help with equipment?

Support for equipment is available from different sources, depending on your specific needs. For some types of equipment you will need to contact Community Occupational Therapy for an assessment.


We have recently changed the process for requesting equipment or adaptations. Please ensure you read the options carefully to ensure you access the correct service.

Please select which type of support you are looking for to find out where to request help from.

​​To request a walking aid and nothing else, you will need to contact your GP so that you can be referred to Community Physiotherapy for a mobility assessment.

​To request a replacement or repair of broken equipment please contact Millbrook Healthcare Ltd

0845 894 0650

​For a request for a wheelchair you will need to contact your GP so that they can refer you to the Wheelchair Service.

​​You would need to purchase your own mobility scooter from a mobility scooter retailer.

​To request equipment to help with a physical disability or to request minor adaptations to the home such as:

  • grab rails
  • raised toilet seats
  • other adaptations not requiring building work

you will need to complete the referral form for an assessment by Community Occupational Therapy:

Request an occupational therapy assessment for yourselfRefer someone else for an occupational therapy assessment

Children and young people

For requests for minor adaptations for a child or young person under the age of 18 you will need to contact the child's paediatrician.

​For help with major adaptations to the home such as:

  • ramps
  • level access showers (wet rooms)
  • stairlifts
  • extensions

You will normally need to contact your local borough or district council or housing association to request a Disabled Facilities Grant.

Request a Disabled Facilities Grant