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Fees and charges

Below is a list of fees and charges for the different services we offer. 

A scan is up to A2 which is 2 x A3.

​Service​Additional information​charges
​All copies of documents ordered onsite, per scan ​Per image​£7.70
​All copies of documents ordered remotely, per scan​Per image​£8.70
​Consecutive pages from same bound volume

​Initial scan

each additional scan

​as above


​Maps requiring more than one scan

​initial scan

each additional scan

​as above


​​Printouts made from a digital image​​If you would like to have a printout of the digital image(s) we make, we can do so using our standard office printer, and on standard photocopying paper, which may not accurately represent the colours on the original documents. The charge is £1.00 per sheet, plus the cost of the digital images. Please also add the postage and packaging fee. Due to Copyright law, we cannot supply both a digital image and printout. ​

​We are happy to work with teachers to identify relevant sources and to arrange bringing school groups to the archives. Please see consultation service charges.

Service​​Additional information​Charge
​Teachers' packs (paper)​Per pack​£13.00
​Teachers' pack (PDF)​per pack​£4.00
​CD of images to accompany teachers' packs​Per CD​£6.60
​​Service​Additional information​Charge
​UK​Per order​£5.60
​Overseas​Per order​£11.30
​Service​Additional information​Charge
​Consultation fee for heritage projects, conservation and preservation advice and cataloguing​Per hour​£38.50 (plus travel expenses)
​Staff to accompany archival documents off site​Per hour​£38.50 (Plus travel expenses)
​Coffee/tea at the record office​Per cup​50p
Pencils (sold in Record Office)​per pencil​50p
​Commercial filming during office hours​per hour, or part hour​£101.30
Commercial filming outside office hoursper hour, or part hour£112.50

Due to copyright law, we are unable to provide both a photocopy or printout, and a PDF copy. This is not an on-the-day service.

Service​Additional information​​Charge
​PDF copy of a document, which could have been photocopied (colour or black and white, depending on original)​Per scan​70p
​PDF of a microfiche copy (black and white)​Per scan​£2.40
​Service​Additional information​Charge
​Permit to use a camera​Per day​£7.50
​Per week​£19.50
​4 weeks£55.50​
​Hire of a circuit breaker to use any electrical equipment​Per day​£2.60
​per week£6.50​
​4 weeks​£15.60
​Service​Additional information​Charge
​1:1 with research assistant​Up to 30 minutes​£19.20
​1:1 with research assistant​Per hour​£31.50
​1:1 each additional hour​per hour​£29.30
​Search by staff lasting between 15 to 30 minutes, or quotes for copies of between 9 to 12 documents​per search​£12.90
​Historical research, by agreement, or to quote to copy 12+ documents​per hour​£31.50
​Transcription / translation (part or whole)​per hour or part hour​£38.30
Commercial research  per hour£75.00

Please note that:

  • All copies are sent folded in half
  • Orders over 30 sheets will be sent in more than one envelope and charged accordingly
  • Orders that are a mixture of A4 and A3 sheets will be charged at the A3 postal rate

Minimum charges for sending things by post

​Orders sent by post to a UK destination ​£5.60
​Orders sent by post to an overseas destination​£11.30

Postage and packaging charges to UK addresses  

​Up to 30 A4 sheets​£1.90
​Up to 30 A3 sheets​£2.20

Postage and packaging charges to European countries (Royal Mail's International service)

​Up to 30 A4 sheets£4.50
​Up to 30 A3 sheets​£5.80

Postage and packaging services to world zone one (Royal Mail's Standard service)

​Up to 30 A4 sheets​£5.40
​Up to 30 A3 sheets​£7.90

Postage and packaging charges to world zone two (Royal Mail's International Standard service)

​Up to 30 A4 sheets​£5.70
​Up to 30 A3 sheets ​£8.30

For a full list of country destinations by zone, please go to Royal Mail.

​Service​Additional informationCharge​
​Black and white A4 and A3​Per sheet​70p
​Colour A4 sheet​Per sheet​£1.70
​Colour A3 sheet​Per sheet​£2.80
​Service​Additional Information​Charge
​Black and white​Per sheet​£1.40
​Colour​Per sheet​£1.70
​Service ​Additional information​Charge
​Self service​Per sheet​90p
​Service​Additional information​Charge
​Standard processing fee (sent between 5 and 10 days)​Per order​£6.50
​ ​Express service​Between 1 to 10 images or copies​£22.50
​Between 11 to 20 images or copies​£33.80
​Service​Additional information​Charge
​Not for profit publication, including putting images on non-profit websites

​1 - 5 images

6 - 10 images



​Commercial publication, including images on commercial websitesPlease contact us to discuss you requirements and to request a quotation​ ​
​Certified copies of archival documents, in addition to the cost copies​Per document​£25.30
​Service​Additional information​charge
​Commercial searches, research fee​Per hour​£75.00
​Non-commercial searches, research fee​Per hour​£31.50
​Service​Additional information​Charge
​Introductory tour of the Record office, lasting about 30 minutes, during normal office hours only. For groups between 10 and 20 people​Per session​Free
​Introductory talk about the work of the archives and heritage service, lasting about 30 minutes. For groups of 10 or more people.​Per session​Free
Tours of the record office during office hours, for groups of between 10 and 20 people. This includes a look behind the scenes and an opportunity to view the archival documents of interest to the group.​Per session​£82.20
​Tours of the record office outside office hours, for groups of between 10 and 20 people. This includes a look behind the scenes and an opportunity to view archival documents of interest to the group.​Per session​£94.50
​All presentations given by archive and heritage service staff.​Per presentation​£94.50

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External sites to help expand your research

Free subscription to sites such as Find my Past and Ancestry
Only available from Northamptonshire Archives or Libraries internet access.

GOV.UK: Find a will
Find wills from after 1951 (a fee is charged)

Kithead Trust
Run by volunteers, this charity may be able to help trace early vehicle registration information.

Northants FHS
Full of useful information, knowledge and skills.

National Archives
Details of documents held all around the UK.

Northampton Borough Council - a guide to cemeteries

Detailed resources about workhouses around the UK.

Rushden Heritage
Full of resources about Rushden.

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