Services for children and young people in Northamptonshire (aged 0-25) with special educational needs and disabilities.

Feedback and complaints


We welcome any feedback, good or bad, about the Local Offer and other services found on the Local Offer.

Please complete our feedback form:

We will listen to your suggestions to change the Local Offer to meet local needs and to influence the future direction of the Local Offer.

2020 Vision for SEND in Northamptonshire

At the time of the 2020 Vision events, we create a survey asking people who use the Local Offer a few questions about how they use the Local Offer and what they are looking for.

It is important to us to know that the Local Offer in Northamptonshire provides you with the information that you are looking for. If you can't find what you are looking for, please let us know:

Support with resolving problems

Cerebra have put together a Problem Solving Toolkit for disabled people, their parents and carers who are facing difficulties with the statutory agencies in relation to the provision of health and education or social care supporting services. The aim of the Toolkit is to develop effective strategies for resolving problems:


Complain about a local authority service or department including Social Care

Formal complaints about council services must be made within twelve months of the incident. Complaints will be acknowledged within three working days and investigated in accordance with the county council’s policy.

Complain about an education setting (schools, colleges, nurseries, early years providers)

If you wish to make a complaint about a school or any other education setting you must follow their complaints policy. Policies may be found via the Local Offer or directly from the school.

Complain about a health service

NHS England is responsible for purchasing primary care services such as GPs, dentists, pharmacists, optical services and some specialised services, and should be contacted to make a formal official complaint:

For secondary care including hospital treatments, emergency care and some community services, like district nursing, contact your local Clinical Commissioning Group:

Complain about an external, independent agency or provider (group, club, charity or other) that you have found on the Local Offer

Complaints will need to be made to the agency or service directly (for example a charity running a group). They should have a complaints policy.

If you have already made a complaint and feel dissatisfied with the result, please give us feedback using our online form and we will register your complaint and if appropriate will take action accordingly which may include the following:

  • The Local Offer manager will contact the provider and ask for information about the complaint which will be discussed with the Head of Educational Inclusion and Partnerships
  • The Head of Educational Inclusion and Partnerships will review the complaint and advise further action.
  • Action could be: monitor the provision with visits by “secret shoppers”, refer the provision to relative services such as Fire, Trading Standards, QCS
  • If the complaint is found to be fair: and the service is not fit for purpose, then the provision may be removed from the Local Offer

School transport

This is a statement from the transport provider after a review of what happened in September 2016 which caused some concern and anxiety at the beginning of the new term:

"At the start of this academic year there were a number of problems with transport arrangements. This was due, mainly, to the implementation of a new route planning system, which unfortunately, could not manage the volume of data that was transferred. This led to some of the data becoming corrupt and together with an unusually high number of late requests, meant that we could not respond as quickly and effectively as we would have liked.

We would like to apologise for the inconvenience this caused and would like to reassure families and schools that this will not be repeated in future years.

A recent meeting between the local authority, KierWSP, Northants Parent Forum Group and Information Advice Support Service has recommended a series of measures to avoid similar issues happening again.  These include:

  • KierWSP will continue to work closely with the systems supplier to iron out any remaining glitches
  • All parents will be notified of transport arrangements when they are set up
  • Information and news will be shared more regularly through social media and SNIX
  • Direct communication with parents will be improved through increased use of email and text facilities
  • Communications with schools regarding transport arrangements will also be improved, including regular meetings and a dedicated phone line

We have already begun to implement these and related internal changes, and this will be monitored by the above group. We trust they will make a difference in the future and we would like to thank you for your patience in this matter. "  

Information about the transport system, the processes and deadlines will be shared using the Local Offer's social media ( Facebook and Twitter feeds) and there will be a regular article in the SNIX newsletters."

You said, we did 

​Date​You said​We did
​January 2017We picked up your "Specialist Services in Adulthood" leaflet from your stall at a recent event, and we noticed that our telephone number was incorrect. Please could you update it to XXXXX XXXXXX. ​We updated our leaflet. Thank you for providing us with your up-to-date information.
​November 2016

​I remember from one of our Children centre's meetings that you had done a lovely list of all SEND groups in the areas in the county on one sheet per area. I have directed lots of parents to look for this on the Local Offer but they keep coming back to say they can’t find it. They have searched under SEND, groups Children centre’s etc but had no luck

​We sent over the link by email, adding that is found under the information and articles tab and that it can easily be found by searching for "calendar".

We are also working to make finding information through the early years filter easier for users.

​September 2016There were lots of families who experienced transport issues this year, what happened?The local authority is aware of a number of issues relating to transport arrangements for the start of this academic year, and wish to apologise if this has impacted on you and your family. The local authority will be reviewing this year’s process with representatives from Information Advice and Support Service and Northamptonshire Parent Forum Group, and will feed back to all parents on the outcome of this meeting via social media.
​August 2016​The (first) disability football that is running at Brackley Town FC was a huge success and is running throughout the summer every Friday​We sent a message to the provider (BTFC football in the community) who were delighted and said that they can accommodate youngsters older than 16 as well as the younger children and they hope to see more at the club
​May 2016"​We live on the border with Oxfordshire and are often unable to use their services due to funding issues. We are also unable to use Northants services due to distance. Are there any plans to provide dance sessions or similar for children in the Brackley area?"

​There will be a new youth group set up in Brackley, run by Action for Children and commissioned by the local authority, starting soon. 

We will also tell the Commissioners that you are looking for dance sessions or similar 

​May 2016"​I can't thank you enough. I have contacted *** and they are getting the ball rolling.

You've been really great, thanks for your prompt reply. I didn't even know about The Local Offer so have no idea what services are available"

​We provided the contact details asked for and provided a link to other services that may be able to help this family
​May 2016"Some of the subsidised Holiday Schemes held at schools are for students attending the school only, this means that there is nothing that my child can attend in Kettering" ​We have sent this comment to the commissioners.
May 2016​​"Some of the links are broken"
​The problem lies with Google Analytics. We have liaised with our web team, and they are working to resolve the problem.
​March 2016"There doesn’t seem to be the option on any pages to make the font larger, change colours or contrast. When a CYP or family has visual impairment the site is pretty inaccessible as, although the big square categories are visible, the default fonts used throughout are too small. How will you improve this?”​
​I am sorry that you didn’t let us know your e-mail address so that we could help you find what you were looking for.
We use Browsealoud for accessibility which can highlight, enlarge and read out loud all the entries on our Local Offer. It appears as soon as you enter our site and there are a few different ways that you can adjust your own settings to make all your internet searches easier to view. Please get in touch again if you need help.
​January 2016"​The update a service form is not useful. I need to add more details and I can't."​We asked the developers to add a free text box and have made the form fields optional not mandatory
​January 2016​"The site is great and really easy to use, I can see the potential for further use"​​We're really pleased that you are finding it useful!
December ​2015​"You need to provide information in the Red Book that Health Visitors give to all new parents about the Local Offer"​​We met with the health staff, and produced an insert for the local Red Books and sent it to the health visitors to use. And future prints will have it included automatically
​November 2015​"The youth club is a unique type of service looking after young people with complex needs in this part of the county. I’m not sure how I’ll manage if the service is stopped or reduced next year"
​We told the commissioners that the club may be closing at the end of the contract and copied your eloquent message to them. We also updated the Local Offer to show the proposed end date.
​November 2015"I keep getting ​a message 'Error: No Results Found' when I try to search on the Local Offer"

​We spoke to the IT department and they suggested to press CTRL + F5 to refresh the page if you get this error. We have since found this to be successful.

​September 2015​"The Viewpoint survey doesn't look like other ones I have used" Shooting Stars member ​​We spoke to the designers, who looked at our link and said we had been given the one for smart phones, and they would send us the proper one to upload. Thank you Shooting Stars.
​September 2015​"How can a parent access the Local Offer without the internet? Can you help?" Local Primary School​We asked for more information about what they were looking for, suggested SNIX, offered to print and send out information to the parent - we've agreed with the school that the parent will use the support available at school or access the internet at the library to see what's available on the Local Offer. When they have a specific idea of what they need they will contact us if they need more support. 
​September 2015​"When contacting you via the customer service centre, it's a complicated process and I didn't know what number to select"​We have added the 'option number' to be selected after our telephone number: 0300 126 1000, option 5.
​September 2015​"Will you advertise our prospective parents open evening?" Wren Spinney Community Special SchoolWe advertised the open evening on our social media accounts and The Local Offer's "What's On Page".​
​August 2015​"It's quite possibly one of the best Local Offer pages we've ever seen, you and your team should give themselves a pat on the back"​We gave ourselves a pat on the back! Thank you very much 
​July 2015“I couldn’t get the sound widget to work on the website”  ​We informed the IT department of the error and asked them to investigate
​July 2015​“A Windows security box kept flashing asking me for a user name and password when I tried to access the website”​​​We informed the IT department of the error and asked them to investigate
​June 2015​"I'd like to help to update services in Corby and to improve searchability of the searcher" We added this person to our Local Offer Workstream​.
June  2015​"Will you come and talk to our parents at parent's evening?"​​We gave a short presentation and brought printed information about the Local Offer and SNIX.
​May 2015​"Links on Twitter from Facebook are annoying and use extra data"​​We have separated Facebook and Twitter posts, so that they are independent.


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