Bullying and online safety - information for professionals

Help and information for schools, professionals and volunteers working with children and young people who are experiencing difficulties relating to e-safety and digital technologies.

What policies and documents should my school or setting have in place?

If you provide children and young people with access to the internet and technologies you should have the following in place:

  • E-safety policy - Details the technical infrastructure, filtering provision, safeguarding measures, levels of education and training for staff, parents and pupils
  • Staff acceptable use policy - This document governs staff use of technologies and the internet
  • E-safety audit - All e-safety incidents should be logged to provide an audit trail of actions taken and individuals involved

The South West Grid for Learning site has templates for these documents along with a range of other useful e-safety support.

Access e-safety templates

E-safety sessions for schools

We can run e-safety sessions for parents, staff or pupils at your school or setting.

To arrange an e-safety session or to submit an enquiry, get in touch with the e-safety team:

Contact the e-safety team

Below is a letter you can download and send out to parents plus a poster to advertise the event.

What you should consider to get a good attendance:

  • Try not to call it an e-safety event as research suggests parents are unaware of what e-safety is. Instead highlight the importance of keeping your family safe.
  • Make it relevant to the county. If you're sending information out to parents use the recent research and facts carried out by Northamptonshire Police.

What other resources are available?

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Policies and guidance for schools and settings

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