Children's Rights - information for professionals

Children's Rights support children and young people in receiving help, advice and support.

Children’s Rights offer the following services, which can all be accessed through a referral:

Children and young people in care

  • Looked after child (LAC) advocate - An advocate is a professional who can support a young person in care to have a voice in issues and decisions about their life and their care. This is a short term intervention.
    The advocacy that Children’s Rights provide is 'situational' and 'instructed'.  This means that we are a short term service dedicated to resolving issues for children either through a complaint, advocating for them in a meeting or situation or gathering their views for EHC plans, reviews or tribunals.
    The child or young person has to be able to instruct, but we will use differing methods to illicit these views, for example using an interpreter for a child where English is not their first language or the support of a key worker for children with disabilities.
  • Independent visitors - Independent visitors are volunteers who are matched with a child or young person in care who have little or no contact with birth parents. The young person and volunteer are matched based upon common interests, hobbies and personality. This is for looked after children who have little or no contact with their birth parents. Each volunteer is matched with one young person which enables a valuable and trusting relationship to be formed over time. Visits are generally once a fortnight for a couple of hours and it is anticipated that this match will continue well after the young person leaves care.
  • Participation - Through participation, young people in care can get involved in interview panels, complete campaigns and commission services.

Children and young people with an education, health and care (EHC) plan

EHC plan advocacy service

This service aims to support young people to have a voice, make choices and actively contribute to assessments, reviews and tribunals processes relating to education health and care plans. The service is free and independent of the EHC team.

How do I request a service from Children's Rights?

You can request support for a child or young person or ask a question using the online form below. Please be clear as to what the specific situation is so that an advocate can help to help resolve it:

Request support

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