Support and resources for governors

We have a governor support team who can support schools to:

  • Fulfil the local authority's  statutory responsibilities with regard to school governance by ensuring all local authority maintained school governors have access to information required
  • Support governors in a proactive manner which reduces the number of schools requiring an Ofsted grade of improvement or inadequate
  • Organise events and activities such as workshops and conferences to enhance training, share best practice and provide networking opportunities with other governors.  

Governor training

 Training workshops

We offer a range of workshops to support governors. Choose an option below to find out more about each workshop.


  • The role of governors in monitoring school effectiveness
  • Preparing and undertaking a learning walk
  • The role of 'lead' and 'link' governors
  • Using benchmarks to inform monitoring
  • Engaging in school self-evaluation and improvement planning


  • Writing effective monitoring reports
  • Developing role descriptors for 'lead' and 'link' governors
  • Identifying strategies to engage with School self-evaluation and improvement planning
  • Identifying appropriate benchmarks for use in school monitoring


  • Key questions in understanding external school data: DfE Dashboard, Raise Online 
  • Key questions in understanding internal school data
  • Cycle of monitoring and reviewing data
  • Monitoring and evaluation of specific groups: for example disadvantaged pupils, Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP)


  • Further development and understanding of the use of internal and external data to inform monitoring role
  • Identification of tools used for monitoring specific groups of children
  • Identifying key questions to develop terms of reference for relevant committees
  • Understanding Ofsted expectations of governance


  • The strategic role of Chair
  • Developing effective relationships
  • Managing the business


  • Further develop your understanding of the role of a Chair
  • Identify your current strengths and areas for development as an existing or aspiring Chair
  • Practise the knowledge, understanding and skills required of an effective Chair.


  • The context for the development of British values
  • Guidance and documentation to inform the development of British values
  • The role of the governing body monitoring British values
  • Developing school approach to British values


  • Identify your own framework for developing British values
  • Understand Ofsted and DfE expectations with regards to British values
  • Identify and select tools to implement your school's approach
  • Develop a policy response that address British values


  • ​Identification of relevant policies and the expectations placed on governors
  • Implementing pay and performance processes
  • The role of Governing Committee structures
  • Monitoring staff appraisals


  • Review of policies and procedures
  • Planning effective staff appraisal cycles
  • Developing appropriate performance targets



  • Ofsted expectations
  • Documentation required
  • Potential questions from Ofsted
  • Self-review


  • Know how to create your governing body Ofsted file
  • Further develop your knowledge and understanding of Ofsted expectations as they relate to governance
  • Signposting to tools and processes to support self-evaluation
  • Identify Ofsted potential lines of inquiry for your governing body

How much do workshops cost?

Subscribing schools

If your governing body subscribes to the Governor Support and Advice Subscription Package then places at the workshop will be free.

Non-subscribing schools

If your school does not subscribe then places will be charged at £75 per person per workshop.

Workshops delivered to groups

If you would like a workshop delivered to your whole Board we can arrange this at a cost of £225. 

You can also host a workshop at your school if it is suitable and you will be able to send up to 10 of your governors on the workshop for free.  This is subject to another 6  governors attending who have paid.  You can help to fulfil this requirement by communicating with your cluster schools and other contacts to sell places.

If you would like to enquire about this option your school:

  • must have adequate parking facilities,
  • will need to provide refreshments,
  • must have a suitable space to host 25 – 30 people with a smartboard or screen and projector.

 If fewer than 6 paying delegates sign up to the workshop then we reserve the right to cancel the workshop. 

How to book

Reserve a place on Governor Hub via the training pages or contact stating which workshop you would like.

Resources for governors


Our model safeguarding policy has been developed from good practice examples and includes reference to safeguarding arrangements in Northamptonshire.

Governor support newsletter

The Governor support newsletter updates governors on current developments locally and nationally.

 Governor Support Newsletter July 2017 (PDF 1.22MB)


Reconstitution Guides

Concerns and complaints

This guidance document includes a model policy for schools to consider and adopt and has been produced with advice from the Department of Education.

Supporting websites

There is a wealth of advice and information available for school governors on these two national websites:

Chair of governors

Chairs of governors have no special power to take decisions on behalf of governors unless there has been a resolution of the whole governing body to delegate a specific authority.

Are you a new chair of governors?

Please ensure that we have your details by contacting us via your clerk or on  

You can check that your governing body details are correct by visiting the schools directory, search for your school and click onto the governing body link. We only hold governing body details for local authority maintained schools.

Resources for chairs of governors

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