Management Information Systems (MIS) data management

The local authority and schools are required under the Data Protection Legislation to comply with essential good practice in respect of the information collected and to manage it securely.

Guidance documents

The following guidance documents are to assist schools in finding the best practice for data collection and data entry:

If you require a data collection form template or documentation explaining how to use your Management Information System then please contact your software supplier.

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17/10/2017 15:50
Specifications of children’s social work workforce reports that local authorities can run in COLLECT.
17/10/2017 15:49
Guide for local authorities submitting children’s social work workforce returns.
17/10/2017 15:48
Validation rules for local authorities submitting the children’s social work workforce census, and for software suppliers.
17/10/2017 15:48
How local authorities should collect and submit data to complete the children’s social work workforce census.
17/10/2017 15:30
How, and to what extent, providers have implemented the changes in the further education (FE) reform program.