Targeted mental health in schools (TaMHS)

Northamptonshire Targeted Mental Health in Schools (TaMHS) is a coordinated multi-agency programme for building capacity within schools through training, support and introducing new programmes and approaches to better meet the mental health needs of all children.

The programme can be used at universal, targeted and more specialist levels, including through systemic work with parents, staff and locality agencies. By meeting mental health needs in this way, sustainable positive impact on children’s mental health, attainments, bullying, attendance and exclusions can be achieved.

TaMHS service offer 2018 to 2019

Centrally organised training is provided as described as detailed in our training programme below, including a major conference event in October 2018.

Through the above training, bespoke training and/or consultation in aspects of the 'Building Blocks for Building Mentally Healthy Schools' model, all schools and academies are being enabled to offer children and families core provision that promotes children’s mental health. This especially includes those who are vulnerable to mental health difficulties or those who already experience high level difficulties with mental health.

The TaMHS Building Blocks model and key processes for developing the school offer are are as follows:

Each aspect is described in the Northamptonshire TaMHS programme brochure and more recent additions below.

Commissioning TaMHS

While some of this support is being facilitated through continuing grant funding, for more complex or in-depth work, individual schools and academies, clusters of schools and academies or Locality Forums are invited to request and commission consultation, support and/or training through TaMHS in order to build mental-health-promoting provision in their school(s).

This will lead to input from a variety of agencies, including: Educational Psychology, Educational Inclusion Officer – Mental Health, Parent Support Coordinators and CAMHS Early Intervention Team.

Costs are variable and are summarised below:

Please contact to commission such work or for further information.

TaMHS consultation and audit materials

The following materials will support education establishments when undertaking the TaMHS consultation process about whole school needs and provision regarding children’s mental health.

Evaluation of Northamptonshire TaMHS project and programme

See below for evaluation of TaMHS and aspects of TaMHS.

TaMHS Accreditation

Accreditation for schools is now available at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels – with certification and use of Northamptonshire TaMHS logo on school’s headed paper.

Please see the document below for details of evidence required and where to apply for accreditation. 

The schools in the document below have achieved accreditation.

Mike Simons, Senior Educational Psychologist and Countywide Lead for the TaMHS Programme 

Other mental health support for schools

Ask Normen - the mental health gateway for Northamptonshire
Young Northants - a range of mental health support services for young people in Northamptonshire.
Talk Out loud - information and self-help for young people about services for better mental health
Young Minds  – information on mental health for parents, young people and professionals nationally.
GOV.UK - departmental mental health advice for schools staff

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