Determined admissions arrangements for the September 2018 round of admissions

Each year Northamptonshire County Council are required to carry out a consultation regarding any proposed changes in schools' published admission numbers or oversubscription admission criteria.

Composite document for all infant, junior, primary, secondary schools and UTCs in Northamptonshire

The following table shows the timetable being followed for the 2018 admissions round.

​Email from the local authority to schools re process ​September 2016
​Consultation period end (see School Admissions Code 1.42-1.45)​by 31 January 2017
​Determine admission arrangements​28 February 2017
​Own authorities to send determined arrangements to the local authority​before 15 March 2017
​Details of all determined arrangements to local authority by ​15 March 2017
​Office of the schools adjudicator consultation period​15 March - 15 May 2017
​School to have provided the local authority with up to date information for inclusion in composite prospectuses ​by July 2017
​Local authority to publish composite prospectuses (primary and secondary)​by 12 September 2017

Changes to admission arrangements

The School Admissions Code requires that when changes are proposed to admission arrangements admission authorities must undertake a public consultation on their admission arrangements by 31 January. Where the admissions arrangements have not changed from the previous year there is no requirement to consult, subject to the requirement that admission authorities must consult at least once every seven years.

The admission arrangements for community and voluntary controlled schools (where the local authority is the admission authority) have changed from the previous year and a consultation has taken place. Cabinet has resolved that there will be two changes to the admission arrangements for community and voluntary controlled schools in the 2018 admissions round:

  1. the tiebreaker will change to ‘closest to the school’ and
  2. the sibling definition will change so that the sibling link can operate if the siblings are younger than the applicant.

The individual governing bodies of academy, foundation and voluntary aided schools have consulted as appropriate and have formally determined their own admission arrangements.

All schools in Northamptonshire are required to provide the local authority with their determined admission arrangements so that they can be available on the website.

Community and voluntary controlled schools

Schools responsible for their own admission arrangements

Northamptonshire's coordinated admission schemes

Local authorities must publish a scheme to coordinate admission arrangements for schools within their area.

Northamptonshire's schemes for 2018 are below. The significant change to the scheme is the offers being communicated to parents online only (where an online application has been made) rather than in a letter.

Objections to the Schools Adjudicator

Objections to the Schools Adjudicator regarding the admission arrangements determined by a school can be made up to 15 May 2017.

The Schools Adjudicator may be contacted as follows:

Office of the Schools Adjudicator
Bishopsgate house
Tel: 01325 340 402

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