Safer routes to school

The county council is committed to delivering a rolling scheme of improvements to all schools within the county to achieve a real improvement to safety and a shift towards walking and cycling.

A safer routes to school scheme provides engineering improvements to:

  • improve safety,
  • improve accessibility
  • encourage more children to walk or cycle to school
  • improve air quality in and around the school area
  • reduce traffic congestion

How does the scheme work?

Each schools’ local area is assessed to identify current road safety issues and decide upon the appropriate action to address these. This could include:

  • 20mph zone with traffic calming
  • Vehicle message signs
  • Safer crossing points – zebra or signal controlled
  • New or extended lengths of footway
  • Cycle facilities
  • Enhanced signing, lining and guard railing in the area
  • School travel plan and action group
  • On school site cycle storage facilities
  • Walking buses or cycle trains
  • Educational awareness activities

Will all schools have a scheme?

Due to budget constraints it could take a number of years to complete the programme of works.
However nearly 200 schools have already benefitted from the scheme.

How are schools consulted on the scheme?

The involvement of the school community is a vital part of the process. Consultation is carried out on a local basis for each scheme. The schools are involved early in the planning stage and if the school has produced a school travel plan then this is an important tool when initially designing the scheme.

Local councillors are consulted on the principles of schemes in their ward before wider local consultation takes place.

Further consultation is then carried out with the emergency services, local district and borough councillors, children and parents of the school and the wider local community

Formal consultation follows when an order is required for things like pedestrian crossings or parking restrictions.

Find out more

For further information regarding safer routes to school please email:


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