Mears Ashby CEVA Endowed Primary School: admissions information

​Mears Ashby CEVA Endowed Primary School, 30 North Street, Mears Ashby, Wellingborough, NN6 0DW

When there are more applications than there are places available, the governors will admit pupils according to the following criteria which are listed in order of priority. The governors will give priority to children with a statement of special educational needs which names the school.

Oversubscription criteria


  1. ‘Looked after children’ or previously ‘looked after children’ but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, residence or special guardianship order.
  2. The governors will admit children on social or medical grounds, where professionals have clearly identified that the school will best meet the needs of the child. These applications must be accompanied by documentary evidence from appropriate professionals within the Health or Social services (if you believe that your child has exceptional medical or social needs you will need to provide evidence of this from an appropriate professional. The needs must relate to your child and the evidence must detail how the needs of your child can only be met at your preferred school. This can be sent in a sealed envelope if you prefer. If accompanied by a professional’s letter, they MUST demonstrate in their judgement why Mears Ashby CEVA (Endowed) Primary can meet your child’s needs, and also demonstrate why other local schools cannot meet your child’s needs. It is not sufficient for a professional to say in their judgement only Mears Ashby CEVA (Endowed) Primary can meet your child’s needs - they must state why schools B or C cannot meet the needs. This decision will be made by the Governing Body Steering Committee, comprising the headteacher, chair of the governing body, vice chair of the governing body and chairs of the GB committees.)
  3. Children living with their parent(s)/legal guardian(s) in the ecclesiastical parishes of All Saints, Mears Ashby and St. Leonard’s, Hardwick (see residence definition below).
  4. Children who have a sibling attending the school at the time of admission. 
  5. Children of worshipping members of any Church that is a member of Churches Together in England (this includes the Church of England). These applications must be accompanied by form SIF/A available from the school. The completed SIF/A will then be sent to the minister with form SIF/B to verify church allegiance.
  6. Children of parent(s)/legal guardian(s) who express a preference for their child to be educated at Mears Ashby CEVA (Endowed ) Primary School.


Where there are more applications in any one category, applications will be prioritised on the distance from the address point of the child’s home to the address point of the school (this will be determined by the Local Authority using their standard method as described in the published information to parents).

Parish boundaries

For parish boundaries, please visit - put in your postcode, click on where you live and the name of your parish will be shown.

Definition of residency

The child’s place of residence is the address of the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) with whom the child spends the majority of time during the school week. Parent(s)/legal guardian(s) may be asked to produce evidence of residency/home address at any time during the admissions process).

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