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​Sir Christopher Hatton Academy, The Pyghtle, Wellingborough, Northants NN8 4RP

Oversubscription criteria September 2018 entry

Following the allocation of places to pupils who have a statement of special educational needs or EHC plan which names the academy as appropriate provision, where applications for admissions exceed the academy’s PAN, the following criteria will be applied, in the order set out below, to decide which pupils shall be admitted.

  1.  Looked after children and all previously looked after children (see Note A)
  2. 10% (21 places) allocated on an aptitude test in ICT (see Note B).
  3. Fair Banding allocation (see Note C) in the following order:
  • Children of employees (see Note D)
  • Children with an older sibling already in attendance and expected to continue at the academy at the time of admission of the younger child (see Note E)
  • Children who attend Hatton Academies Trust Primary schools. Specifically, Oakway Academy, Victoria Primary Academy, Ecton Village Primary Academy. A total of 25 places i.e. 5 places in each band will be allocated on a random basis using this criterion (see Note F).
  • Any remaining places in each band will be allocated on a random basis to primary schools with a traditional link to Sir Christopher Hatton Academy (see Note G).
  • Other children.

If there are remaining places after the Aptitude and Fair Banding allocations, then criterion 4 and 5will apply.

  1. Attendance at a primary school that has traditional links to Sir Christopher Hatton Academy (Note
  2. Other children.

Allocation of places

In all criteria where there are more applicants than available places, priority will be determined through a process of random allocation. Names of applicants will be selected at random in the presence of an independent observer.


  • A) Looked after children and previously looked after children
    A looked after child is one who is (a) in the care of the local authority, or (b) being provided with
    accommodation by a local authority in the exercise of their social services functions at the time of making
    an application to the school.
  • B) Aptitude test in ICT
    As a Specialist Mathematics and Computing Academy, the Board of Directors have decided that 10% (21) places are allocated on the basis of aptitude in Information Technology established by tests taken at the academy. Applicants are invited to take the ICT Aptitude Test at the academy on 14 October 2017.
    Applications to take the ICT Aptitude Test must be made on the supplementary information form. This form is available on the academy website, from the academy reception, and also provided in the prospectus. The form must be returned to the academy by 11 October 2017 at the latest. This form does not replace the Local Authority application requirements.
    Applicants can sit the ICT aptitude test and the Fair Banding Test as these are different criteria.
  • C) Fair banding applications
    All children under criteria 3 (i.e. 3a, 3b, 3c, 3d, 3e) will be required to undertake a fair banding test. The test will be used to place all applicants into five equal bands based on the results of the test, and places will be allocated equally to each band. Children who take the test will be given priority over children who do not. Applicants are invited to take the test at the Academy on Saturday 18 or Saturday 25 November 2017.
    Applications to take the fair banding test must be made on the supplementary information form. This form is available on the academy website, from the academy reception, and also provided in the Prospectus. The form must be returned to the academy by 31 October 2017 at the latest. This form does not replace the Local Authority application requirements.
  • D) Children of employees
    Priority will be given under this criterion where:
    •  The member of staff has been employed at the school for two or more years at the time at which the application for admission to the academy is made.
    •  The member of staff is recruited to fill a vacant post for which there is a demonstrable skill shortage.
  • E) Sibling link
    The presence of an elder brother or sister at Sir Christopher Hatton Academy at the time of the pupil’s intended admission. For the purposes of this criterion, ‘sibling’ is taken to include a stepbrother/sister, half-brother/sister, or child who is adopted or fostered, in all cases provided they are living at the same address.
  • F) Trust Primary schools
    The Directors have agreed to give a preference of 25 fair banding places to primary schools in Hatton Academies Trust. These are local school that have developed closer links with the academy than other primary schools through shared staff, events and services.
  • G) Schools with traditional feeder links
    All Saints CE Primary School; Croyland Primary School; Earls Barton Junior School; Freemans Academy; Great Doddington Primary; Little Harrowden Community Primary School, Mears Ashby CE Endowed Primary; Park Junior School; Redwell Primary School; Oakway Academy; Our Lady’s Catholic Junior School; Wilby Church of England Primary School, Victoria Primary Academy; Ecton Village Primary Academy.

Further information

Application forms
Application forms for the ICT Aptitude test and the fair banding test are available on the academy website
and in the prospectus. Alternatively a copy can be requested by contacting the academy reception. The
completed ICT Aptitude Test form must be returned to the academy by Wednesday 11 October and the
completed fair banding test form by 31 October 2017 at the latest.

If for any reason a pupil is not offered a place at Sir Christopher Hatton Academy, the parents or carers
may appeal in writing to the academy c/o Assistant to the Board of Directors. They will, in due course, be
invited to state their case before an Independent Admissions Appeals Panel.

The address given must be where the child and parent / carer live permanently. It should not be the child
minder’s, grandparent’s or other relative’s address. If parents share custody of a child, then we may request
to see the court order, child tax credit letter, child benefit letter, medical card or other evidence to establish
where the child is resident for the majority of the time during the weekdays

Waiting list
The academy will maintain a waiting list for the first term of the academic year of year 7 admission. Any
parent wanting their child to be included on the waiting list should contact the academy to request

The position on the waiting list will be determined by the priority order of the admission policy and nothing

Where a place becomes available in the relevant year, an offer will be made to the child who has highest
priority in the waiting list. The position on the waiting list may change. They may move up or down each
time a child is added or removed, or when the change in circumstances of the child requires him/her to be
considered against a different priority order of the academy’s oversubscription criteria.

Parents are advised to contact the academy, if they want their child’s details to be kept on the waiting list,
from the spring term onwards.

Withdrawing an offer of a place
The academy reserves the right to withdraw an offer of a place if it was made in error, a parent fails to respond
to the offer of a place within a reasonable period of time, or it is established that the offer of a place was
obtained through a fraudulent or misleading application. Where a parent fails to respond to the offer of a
place, the academy will give the parent a further opportunity to respond and explain to them that the offer of
a place will be withdrawn unless they respond by the specified date. Where an offer of a place is withdrawn
on the basis of misleading information, the academy will consider the application afresh, and will offer a right
of appeal if admission cannot be offered.

Admission of children outside their normal age group
As a general rule, the academy would expect children to be educated in their normal age group. Parents of
gifted and talented children, or those who have experienced problems or missed part of a year, for example
due to ill health, may decide to seek admission to a year group outside their child’s normal age. The academy
will make a decision based on the circumstances of each case and will advise parents of the information they
are required to submit with their application. In some certain circumstances the academy may determine that
a child is to be educated in another year group apart from their age range. Any such decision will be
determined on educational grounds and will be a condition of admission to the academy.

Open weeks and evening
The academy is open to visits by appointment from Monday 2 October to Thursday 19 October
2017. Open Evening is Tuesday 10 October 2017.


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