Relationships and sex

​You should never feel pressured into having sex with somebody. It is your choice.

Having sex is a very intimate and personal experience and just because you are in a relationship, you do not have to have sex. You may also have ethical or religious reasons for not having sex. Before you decide to have sex, talk to someone you trust about your feelings.

Other help and support

  • Rise Above has interactive sex and relationships advice
  • Advice from the NHS on peer pressure, STIs and things to consider if you’re thinking about having sex
  • The Site has sex and relationships advice and real life stories from young people.

Pregnancy and new motherhood

If you think you might be pregnant, there are lots of sites you can visit for advice and support, both locally and nationally.


If you are pregnant, why not consider breastfeeding to give your baby the best start in life? Research has shown the benefits of breastfeeding and that breastfed babies experience fewer health problems and enjoy better health later in life.

Where can I get help and support - pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding

  • Text your school nurse for friendly, helpful and confidential advice, text your school nurse on 07507 329 600
  • The Lowdown offers free and confidential pregnancy testing in the Northampton area
  • Time2Talk offer support and counselling for pregnant young people in Daventry and Towcester
  • Coram work with young parents aged 13 to 25, supporting them in balancing parenthood with their own needs, and helping them create better chances for their children.
  • The NHS offers a range of services to support young mums during pregnancy and after you have given birth​.
  • The Families Information Service lists information on childcare and support for new families
  • Healthy Start offer vouchers to pregnant young people under the age of 18 which can be exchanged for free milk, fruit and veg and vitamins.
  • Youthworks in Kettering and Corby offer support relating to sexual health and relationships as well as a condom distribution C-card service, pregnancy testing and chlamydia screening.


Sexual orientation is about who you are attracted to both physically and emotionally. Everyone has a sexual orientation and this might change over time. There is no set age that people get to know their sexual and emotional feelings. Everyone is different.

It might take some time to work out what your sexual orientation is. There’s no such thing as normal and you don’t have to feel pressured or rushed to give yourself a label.

LGBT and homophobia

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning issues can be complex.  There are issues around coming to terms with your sexuality and transgender situation (or having the confidence and space to explore it) as well as the attitudes, beliefs and behaviour of those around you – at home, school, college, work and in your social life.
The Lowdown provide free counselling and support to people throughout Northamptonshire.
Advice is available from Stonewall if you are confused about your sexuality.

Who can I talk to? - sexuality

  • The Lowdown offer advice and counselling about sexual health and sexual orientation
  • The NHS run sexual health clinics through Northamptonshire 
  • Time2Talk offer sexual health and STI clinics especially for young people in Daventry and Towcester
  • Text your school nurse - for friendly, helpful and confidential advice, text your school nurse on 07507 329 600

Child Sexual Exploitation

The Northampton Safeguarding Children's Board has information on how to spot the signs of Child Sexual Exploitation and who you can talk to about it. Under 25s experience the highest rates of STIs in the UK

Domestic violence

Most of us will experience a difficult personal relationship (often more than one) at some time during our lives. Sometimes relationships feel hard, strained or out of our control and we may not understand why.

The Lowdown provides free counselling and advice to people throughout Northamptonshire.
The Northamptonshire Children's safeguarding board has information on how to spot signs of abuse.

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