Northamptonshire's cabinet is comprised of seven Conservative councillors and the Conservative Leader of the council. Cabinet members work closely with the directors and professional officers of the council to ensure the successful implementation of the decisions they make.

Cabinet meetings

Find out more about the decisions they take; or search agendas, reports and minutes for the Cabinet meetings:

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Cabinet meetings are webcast:

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Cabinet members

Each Cabinet member is responsible and publicly accountable for a range of council services - this is their 'portfolio'.

​Leader of the Council ​Heather Smith
​Deputy Leader of the Council /
Children's Services
Matt Golby
​Finance​Robin Brown
​Adult Social CareBill Parker
​Public Health and Wellbeing​Sylvia Hughes
​Transport, Highways and Environment​Ian Morris
​Public Protection Andre Gonzalez de Savage

Benefits of cabinet-style local government

Cabinet style local government is designed to deliver greater efficiency, transparency and accountability to Northamptonshire Council's decision-making process.


More business is transacted in a shorter time-span, with better quality control, enabling the council to be more responsive to the needs of the local community.


The full council has become more open. Meeting in public and public access to all non-confidential papers, the council gives members of all political groupings a voice in every decision.

Cabinet and Scrutiny Committee meetings also take place in public and every single decision the Cabinet and Cabinet Members make are published in the public domain. Residents, applicants and objectors have the right to petition Cabinet Members and present their views at various meetings.

Adopting Siblings

There are many siblings in Northamptonshire waiting to be adopted. Here's a quick clip from one of our adopters sharing her story of adopting siblings...

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Phase 1 draft budget proposals 2018/19

Our consultation on draft budget proposals for 2018/19 is now live. You can find out more about our proposals at

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Adopters Reuben and Emma adopted 2 girls. "When we found out that we weren't able to have children we discussed whether we should have IVF or conside...

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Timeline Photos

“Having a brother is cool! Our mummy and daddy are ok too! They love us lots!” There are many siblings in northamptonshire waiting to be adopted. Coul...

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Northamptonshire County Council

Are you or someone in your family living with a health condition? People with conditions such as COPD, bronchitis, emphysema, diabetes, heart or kid...

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