Customer Service Centre

What do we do?

Our Customer Service Centre is open from Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm and handles emails, telephone calls and post.

The Customer Service Advisors are able to deal directly with enquiries regarding the services listed below:

About our telephone service

​The 0300 number is treated as a local call regardless of where you live in the county, and it can be included as part of any inclusive call minutes or discount schemes in the same way as geographic calls.

Over time, all calls made by the public will be moved to this one number and picked up in our customer service centre.

When you call our 0300 number, you will hear a welcome message offering numbered options.

Once you’ve chosen a service option there is a service welcome message to ensure you have got to the right service. The second layer of options may change occasionally to reflect seasonal demand for some services.

​The customer service centre records all calls received for training and quality assurance purposes.

Quality assurance includes investigation work around allegations made against Northamptonshire County Council to ensure the quality of the call was of the correct standard and if not we are able to provide additional training to staff.

We will retain calls for a period of 18 months since the call was received, to ensure we capture all types of year i.e. calendar, financial or academic.

IT will delete calls periodically to ensure we are not holding calls for longer than this period.

​The number option system allows us to provide a single contact number and still be able to prioritise calls for the serious and the high volume services – such as child and adult care services, registrations and roads (including Street Doctor).

The options will also include seasonal services such as those for school admissions and adult learning.

Other services will come through together under a final option of ‘all other council enquiries’.

This enables us to continue to provide service specific information as part of the message – e.g. opening hours, out of hours contacts and online services.

​First option number​Second option number (if required)​Service
Option 1​N/A ​Children’s social care and child safeguarding
Option 2​Then o​ption 1​Adult social care or to report suspected abuse
​Option 2​Then option 2​Olympus Care Services
​Option 3​N/A ​Births, deaths, marriages, citizenship or nationality checking
Option 4N/A ​Roads and Street Doctor
​Option 5​Then option 1​Libraries
​Option 5​Then option 2​School admissions
​Option 5​Then option 3​Adult learning
​Option 5​Then option 4

​All other enquiries including:

  • Blue badge
  • Parking permits for country parks
  • Any other service 

​No. As soon as you hear any message begin, you can enter the option number(s) to go straight to the welcome message for the service you want.

For example:

  • For country parks parking permits enter 54
  • For libraries enter 51

Who's in charge?

The Head of Customer Services is Leanne Hanwell.

Leanne heads a team of Operations Manager, 4 Team Leaders, 27 full time equivalent (FTE) Customer Service Advisors, 5 FTE Customer Service Administrators dealing with non-phone contacts and 6 FTE Adult Care staff.

What's our budget?

The Customer Service Centre budget (which included John Dryden House Reception until February 2017) for 2016 to 2017 is £1,100,000.

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