Website performance

​​​​​​Our website is the online front door to the council and its services.

Our standards

Our standards for the website are available on our service standards page.

Who's in charge?

Our web manager is Richard Beards. He can be contacted at

Our targets and performance

Website uptime

We use an independent site monitoring service provided by Site Improve to ensure our website is performing satisfactorily.

​Measure​What it means​Target​Performance September ​2017
​% Website uptime​The % of time in the month the Northamptonshire County Council website was available​99.5%​99.9%

Website content review

The web team ensure corporate content standards are met by reviewing all website content created by website authors working in service areas. The web team aim to review all content sent for approval within 24 hours.

Website satisfaction

One in every 5 web visits is offered an exit survey to enable us to effectively track customer satisfaction for the website.

​Satisfaction question ​How we performed in September 2017​How we performed in August 2017
​How satisfied were you with your visit today?43% (Very Satisfied or Satisfied)​41% (Very Satisfied or Satisfied)
​How likely are you to recommend this website to a friend, colleague or family member?62% (Definitely or Probably)​62% (Definitely or Probably)
​Attractiveness of design/appearance46% (Excellent or good)50% (Excellent or Good)
​Information that was clear and easy to understand52% (Excellent or Good)​54% (Excellent or Good)
​Accurate and up to date information41% (Excellent or Good)​45% (Excellent or Good)
​Usefulness of site search facility​34% (Excellent or Good)

​43% (Excellent or Good)

We also offer the option to rate every page individually, which enables us to look into issues on an individual page basis.

​Satisfaction questionHow we performed in September 2017​​How we performed in August 2017
​Overall rating30% (Excellent or Good)​45% (Excellent or Good)
Content29% (Excellent or Good)​35% (Excellent or Good)
​Design31% (Excellent or Good)​39% (Excellent or Good)
​Ease of use

28% (Excellent or Good)

​35% (Excellent or Good)
​Helpfulness ​24% (Excellent or Good)​36% (Excellent or Good)
Speed to locate​29% (Excellent or Good)​34% (Excellent or Good)

Response to customer feedback

Improvements we have made to the website following customer feedback in September 2017:

  • Our new forms platform gives the customer the option to leave feedback on the form they have used.
  • Updated the School admissions register form to improve the customer journey and to ensure it's on the new platform​.

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