Budget proposal EqIAs 2016-17

​These are Equality Impact Assessments (EqIAs) associated with the budget setting process for 2016-17.

Not all budget lines that will have an impact in 2016-17 will have an impact assessment. This is because some are technical adjustments or proposals that do not impact on services or staff and where the service considers that an assessment is not required. Where this is the case these are identified in the table below explaining why EqIAs are not applicable.

These EqIAs have been developed since the publication of the draft budget using the findings from our consultation, as well as further work that has been undertaken to ensure that Members have a full understanding of the equality implications when taking the final decisions on the budget.

Overall Budget Equality Impact Assessments

​2016-17 Budget Equality Impact Assessments
​13-002-06Nourish - cessation of direct delivery of the school meals service and the meals at home service to older people (PDF 443KB)
​13-008-05Newton Field Centre (PDF 427KB)
​14-006-20Reduction in Highways Maintenance (PDF 421KB)
​14-008-11​Reduction in funding for Healthwatch (PDF 440KB)
​15-001-16​​Falls Ambulance Service (PDF 425KB)
​15-001-18​Reablement - effectiveness of Short Term Service (Adult Social Care) (PDF 427KB)
​15-001-23​Progression - Care Management and Social Work (PDF 438KB)
​15-001-27Domiciliary Care (Care and Support at Home Strategy) (PDF 510KB)
​15-001-28Younger Adults (Adult Social Care) High Needs Review (PDF 423KB)
​15-001-33Estimated efficiencies from external review of care packages (PDF 436KB)
​15-001-37​The future of Olympus Care Homes (PDF 443KB)
​15-002-26Reducing the Cost of Northamptonshire’s spend on Placements for Looked After Children – managing demand and realising efficiencies (PDF 566KB)
​15-002-28​Children's Centres (PDF 449KB)


22a-b, 24

Making Early Help Work (Commissioning - Supporting Services) (PDF 539KB)
​15-004-05Centralisation of front line Customer Services  (Consumer Relationship Strategy) (PDF 583KB)
​15-006-11​Waste Management (PDF 421KB)
​15-006-14Emergency Planning (PDF 428KB)
​15-006-19​Strategic Partnership Delivery and Economic Development (PDF 422KB)
​15-006-29Reduction of Transport Subsidies (PDF 431KB)
​15-008-08​Health and Wellbeing Board (PDF 416KB)
​15-008-09​User Engagement - Learning Disability Partnership Board (PDF 431KB)
​15-008-10​Pocket Park Resource (PDF 433KB)
​15-008-12​Shared Community Safety Service (PDF 418KB)

Updated budget timeline 2018/19

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