NCC management team and assistant directors

Our Chief Executive and senior officers make up our NCC management team. This team is the main officer decision making body and works alongside and for the councillors you elect to run the key public services of Northamptonshire including schools, children's safeguarding, care for older people, roads, the fire service and First for Wellbeing.

What are they responsible for?

The NCC management team meets weekly and is responsible amongst other things for:

  • Managerial leadership and direction of the council;
  • Providing the formal response to Cabinet policy direction and the development of corporate policy and initiatives for Cabinet consideration;
  • Co-ordination and commissioning of council-wide activity, planning, programme management.

This team is responsible for an annual gross expenditure budget of £1billion and leads an organisation that co-ordinates voluntary sector, represents the interests of Northamptonshire to government and international bodies.

It has for a number of years helped to achieve the setting to the lowest council tax of any county council in the UK.

What do they get paid?

Please note: for information relating to expenses allowances please refer to the Statement of Accounts where this information is available.

Information on the salaries of the Chief Executive, Directors and Assistant Directors can be found on our Salary Information page.

What do assistant directors do?

This group of highly capable individuals take responsibility for specific service areas, such as Transport and Highways for example. They report directly to a director or in some cases the Chief Executive.  Along with the NCC management team, they make up the rest of Northamptonshire County Council’s senior officers.

The huge range of services we deliver are directly overseen by this group of talented and dedicated professionals, managing services such education and schools; the roads and environment; social services for adults and children; libraries, fire and rescue and more.

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