Land and planning

Land and planning information relating to Gypsies and Travellers.

Encampments on private land

Trespass on land is a civil matter with prevention of trespass being the responsibility of the landowner. The landowner (or representative) should in the first instance ask the trespasser(s) to leave.

Then you may wish to:

Encampments on land owned by Gypsies or Travellers

As a Gypsy or Traveller you need to gain planning consent for such a site just like anyone else. If you do not then the site is classed as an unauthorised development and the local planning authority will deal with it under the normal planning powers available to it.

Contact planning services at your local council

Local authority permanent Traveller sites

Local authority permanent Traveller sites are owned and managed by the relevant district or borough council - not Northamptonshire Countywide Traveller Unit.

Search the map to find the closest local authority Traveller site to you:

Traveller sites

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