Promoting staff health and wellbeing

"There are recognised benefits in promoting staff health and wellbeing both for the individuals concerned and their employing organisations, in relation to reducing sickness absence, reducing staff turnover, and promoting productivity.  In workplaces that are set up to foster (staff) wellbeing, people tend to be more creative, more loyal, more productive, and perform better in terms of customer satisfaction". 
New Economics Foundation 2014

Research suggests that approaches which are comprehensive in their design, are championed by senior leaders and actively designed with staff, and which are regularly evaluated and monitored are likely to be the most successful. (PriceWaterhouse Coopers 2008; NEF 2014)

The Workplace Wellbeing Charter provides a comprehensive framework to help organisations design their approach, as well as a way of bench-marking their progress and showing the organisation's commitment to the health and wellbeing of its staff.

About the Workplace Wellbeing Charter

The Workplace Wellbeing Charter is a way of showing an organisation's commitment to the health of the people who work there.

Organisations using the charter benefit in many ways including: 

  • The ability to audit and benchmark against an established and independent set of standards – identifying what the organisation already has in place and what gaps there may be in the health, safety and wellbeing of your employees.
  • Developing strategies and plans the charter provides a clear structure that organisations can use to develop health, safety & wellbeing strategies and plans
  • National recognition – the charter award process is robust and evidence based. With over 1,000 organisations across England holding the award, The Workplace Wellbeing Charter is now widely recognised as the business standard for health, safety and wellbeing across England. The award helps to strengthen the organisation's brand & reputation and supports in sales and marketing activities.  
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