Friday 23 to Sunday 25 September 2016
  • Congratulations Northamptonshire

    Congratulations Northamptonshire

    You walked 57,036,361 in one weekend. What a great achievement!

  • First for Wellbeing - a new wellbeing service for Northamptonshire True34

    First for Wellbeing - a new wellbeing service for Northamptonshire

    Find out about 20 Million Steps event partner First for Wellbeing

Well done Northamptonshire

Thousands of you went for a walk during 23 to 25 September and smashed this year's target of of 20 million steps x 2 - that's 40 million steps in one weekend!

Together we achieved an incredible 57,036,361 steps.  A big thank you to all who took part.

The steps form has now closed so you are no longer able to log steps for this year's challenge. 

The challenge is an opportunity to remind all involved of the positive health and wellbeing effects of walking.  It's part of our public health mass participation plan which encourages behaviour change of those living and/or working in Northamptonshire to lead a more active lifestyle.

Thanks to everyone who took part. If you enjoyed your walk, why not check out the new walking webpages for more inspiration, including short walks, places of interest and details of walking clubs.

  • How to get involved How to get involved

    To take part all you have to do is go for a walk during 23rd to 25th September and log your steps.

    You can walk anywhere, with colleagues, family, friends, with the dog or simply on your own. You can walk as far as you want - remember every steps counts.

    How to log your steps

    You can log your steps here online at from Friday 23rd September.

    Alternatively visit a country park or library during the three-day challenge and log your steps there.

    Libraries are holding events throughout the weekend to encourage you to get walking - check the events calendar to find out more.

  • Why it's time to get walking Why it's time to get walking

    ​Recent figures show that 67.5% of adults in Northamptonshire are obese or overweight. We are working to tackle this scary statistic by encouraging more people to get active.

    Staying active has real health benefits including:

    • maintaining a healthy weight
    • reducing blood pressure
    • building healthy muscles and bones
    • improving balance
    • increasing good cholesterol
    • reducing the risk of falls

    In fact, being more active also reduces the risk by 20 – 50% of getting serious diseases such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, colon and breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

    • Walking is free – there’s no need for expensive gym membership or special clothes
    • Walking can be done almost anywhere, at any time, so it’s easy to take part
    • Walking is perfect for anyone who has poor health or hasn’t exercised in a long time as people can start off as slowly as they need
    • Walking is sociable, it’s a chance to spend time with family or friends
    • Walking can also be done alone, and is an opportunity for some time out and space from a busy lifestyle
  • Organise your own event Organise your own event

    You can download resources to help you promote your event or activity:


Suggested walks

The trail paths provide easy access around the park. They are hard-surfaced (except sections of the Riverside Walk) with seats and/or resting points every 200 metres. All the paths are on level surfaces.

Lakeside Stroll

One third of a mile (0.4km). Allow 15 minutes (average walking pace). Fully hard surfaced.

Kingfisher Nature Trail

Three quarters of a mile (0.8km). Allow 30 minutes (average walking pace). Fully hard surfaced.

Riverside Walk

1 mile (1.6km). Allow 45 minutes (average walking pace). Hard surface paths, sections of sand, boardwalks and grassland meadow.

The trails provide easy access for everyone. Hard surfaced with seats, picnic tables or resting points every 200 metres, the paths generally have a gradient of less than 1:20.

Kestrel Trail

Half a mile (0.8km). Allow 15 minutes.

Lapwing Trail

Three quarters of a mile (1.2km). Allow 30 minutes.​

Skylark Trail

1 and a quarter miles (2km). Allow up to 1 hour.

Pitsford Water Trail

Walkers can enjoy a 7.5 mile (12km) circuit of Pitsford Water. Allow 2–4 hours walking (depending on ability). Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times on the Pitsford Water Trail.

The Skylark Nature trail is an easy access path, hard-surfaced with seats/resting points every 200 metres and with gradients of less than 1:20. The Woodland and Forest walks are a mixture of hard-surfaced and soft tracks with some gradients of 1:10.

Skylark Nature Trail

Half a mile (0.8km). Allow 20 minutes (average walking pace). Fully hard-surfaced, easy access trail.

Woodland Walk

1 mile (1.7km). Allow 45 minutes (average walking pace). Fully hard-surfaced.

Fermyn Forest Walk

2 miles and a quarter (3.5km). Allow 1.5 hours (average walking pace). Part hard-surface, part soft-track.

The trails are mostly hard-surfaced with seats and/or resting places every 200 metres (work on-going).

There are a number of steeper gradients (marked on the map) but most paths have a gradient of less than 1:12.

Woodland Walk

Half a mile (0.75km). Fully hard-surfaced trail. Minimal gradient. Allow 15 minutes.

Ironstone Trail

2 miles (3.25km). Part hard surface, part soft track and large area of short grass. Gradients to 1:12. Allow 1 hour 10 minutes.

The trails are mostly hard-surfaced with seats and/or resting places every 200 metres (work on-going). There are a number of steeper gradients within the park (marked on the map) but generally the paths have a gradient of less than 1:15.

Water Works Heritage Trail

Half a mile (1km) hard-surfaced trail exploring the history of the park as a Water works. Stretches of the trail have a gradient of greater than 1:9. Allow up to 20 minutes.

Reservoir Trail

2.5 mile (4km) circuit of the Reservoir, through reed beds, marshland, hay meadows and mature woodland. Paths are part hard-surfaced and part short grass. Allow up to 1.5 hours.

The following short walks are available at Stanwick Lakes:

  • The Visitor Centre Lake (Hidden Gems / Sculpture Trail Walk) - One mile
  • The Adventure Trail - One and three-quarter miles
  • The Nature Ramble - Two and a quarter miles

​The former Northampton to Market Harborough railway line now forms the route for this "linear park" - it is 14 miles long and there are car parks situated along the route.

Check the events calendar for details of walking events taking place in county libraries.

Remember you can also walk at a country park, where volunteers will be available to help you log your steps.

Other walking opportunities


Northampton Nordic Walking Friends

Date: Friday 23rd September
Details: Starts 10am from Brixworth Country Park car park off Northampton Road, Brixworth NN6 9DG.


Hartwell Health Walks

Date: Saturday 23rd September
Details: Starts 11am outside the Hartwell Club (postcode NN7 2HE)The walk will last approximately 90 minutes, covering 4 miles around the local area.


Daventry Town Council

Date: Sunday 25th September
Details: The walk will start at 12pm at Daventry Library, through Daventry Country Park and finishing back in the town centre. The walk will amount to approximately 10,000 steps per person with each individual step count adding to the county total.

To book your place on the led walk please contact Daventry Town Council on 01327 301246 or email

Corby Leisure Trust

Date: Friday 23rd September to Sunday 25th September
Details: Gym customers who use Corby Leisure Trust facilities can take part by walking on the treadmills at either Corby International Pool and Lodge Park Sports Centre, available as per opening hours of facilities.

Date: Friday 23rd September
Details: Lunchtime Walk 12:30pm to 1:00pm, please meet at Corby Cube entrance 12:30pm. Duration: approximately 30 minutes.

Date: Sunday 25th September
Details: Walk from Corby Boating Lake Cafe at 11am. The walk, covering local woodland paths, will be approximately three miles and should take around one hour.

Quinton Parish Council

Date: Saturday 24th September
Details: Meet at Quinton Village Hall NN7 2EA 2pm for an approximately 3.5 mile walk on the footpaths/bridleways around Quinton. This includes some rough terrain at the side of the fields and climbing a couple of stiles. Refreshments available back at the village hall.