Road safety

In the year 2014-2015, Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service attended 459 road traffic collisions, so we see at first hand the full impact that these incidents can have on human life.

Safety advice for drivers and cyclists

  • Drivers should always keep on the alert for cyclists, particularly at junctions and when getting out of cars. Motorists should always leave plenty of room for cyclists at traffic lights.

  • Cyclists should ensure they ride a door’s width from parked cars and should ride centrally in narrow lanes.

  • Drivers should make sure they indicate ahead of manoeuvring.

  • Advanced stop lines allow cyclists to remain visible by taking position at the front of the traffic. Drivers must stop at the first white line reached, if the lights are amber or red. Allow cyclists time and space to move off when the green light shows.

  • Cyclists should ride decisively and well clear of the kerb. They should be clear in looking and signalling to show drivers what they plan to do, making eye contact where possible so they know drivers have seen them.

  • Cyclists should avoid riding up the inside of large vehicles such as lorries or buses, where they may not be seen.

  • Lights should be used after dark or in poor visibility.

  • When cycling, it is sensible to wear clothing that is light coloured and reflective as this increases the chance you will be noticed.

  • Cycling helmets are recommended. This should be fastened securely and should conform to regulations.

Further road safety information

For more information on road safety, visit the Northamptonshire Highways website.

You can also find cycle safety advice on the Cycle Northants website.

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