A43 Northampton to Kettering improvements

The county council has outlined a policy to dual the A43 between the junction with the A45 and the A14 within Northamptonshire.

Description of scheme

The A43 between Northampton and Kettering suffers from congestion hotspots, journey time delay and road safety issues due to vehicles trying to overtake. Through its key strategy document, the Northamptonshire Arc, the county council has outlined a policy to dual the A43 all the way between the A45 and the A14. Due to the scale of the scheme this will be achieved in phases.

Improvements to the Round Spinney roundabout have already been completed resulting in increased capacity at this junction and improved traffic flow.

A new 1.56km dual carriageway will be built linking the Round Spinney roundabout with the existing A43 just north of the Moulton roundabout. This new section of carriageway is required to serve the Overstone Leys development (2,000 houses) which is part of the Northampton North Sustainable Urban Extension identified in the West Northamptonshire Core Spatial Strategy. 

Timeline of key events

Due to problems in acquiring the land we are starting with the northern part of the works and the section bypassing Moulton will start as soon as possible.

Works on the northern section have commenced:

​DatesKey events
​January 2017​Main construction to start. Further details of the scheme programme will be available as the works progress.
​23 January 2017 to 24 February 2017​The manned traffic management will be in place between 9.30am and 3.30pm, Mondays to Fridays, starting on Monday, January 23, so that site clearance works can be done.

Traffic management over the next few weeks will include:

Monday 30 January to Friday 03 February – two-way traffic lights on Overstone Rd followed by the inner ring of the roundabout being closed.

Monday 06 February to Friday 10 February - two-way traffic lights on northbound A43

Monday 13 February to Friday 17 February - two-way traffic lights on northbound A43

Monday 20 February to Friday 24 February - two-way traffic lights on northbound A43

​Winter 2017 to 2018​Scheme due for completion

The intention is to start work on the Moulton Bypass section as soon as the land issues have been resolved.


The route will run north from the signalised A43 Round Spinney roundabout, crossing a small landscaped area before passing between the existing residential properties that front the A43 and the Round Spinney Industrial Estate. It then runs parallel with the existing A43 to the east of existing residential properties fronting the A43 before crossing The Avenue (which will be stopped up) and joining Overstone Road at a new roundabout junction replacing the existing roundabout to the north of Overstone Road. The dual carriageway will continue and will re-join the existing A43 approximately 300m north of the Overstone Road roundabout opposite the northern end of Park View. The dualling will continue to a new roundabout south of Overstone Grange which will, in time, give access to the northern part of the Overstone Leys development.

View the route in the plan below:

Benefits of the scheme

Congestion and journey time delay will be reduced. The improved road network and traffic flows will support economic growth as the first part of a strategic link between Northampton and the A14.

The scheme is directly linked to enabling growth to the north of Northampton, including specifically the Overstone Leys development which comprises about 2,000 houses and ancillary development.

Public consultation

Early consultation with stakeholders including parish councils was undertaken in 2008/09 which established a broad consensus that dualling of the road between Round Spinney and the A14 was supported.

Consultation and examination hearings for the West Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy highlighted the view of the local community that improvements to the A43, among other measures, are necessary to support the proposed development at Northampton North.

Planning permission for the new road was granted in August 2015. Further details are available on our Planning pages.

Scheme cost and how it will be funded

This scheme is funded by the Northamptonshire Growth Deal and supported by the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership (SEMLEP).

The scheme is likely to cost in the region of £26 million.

Further information

This page will be updated as the scheme progresses.

A bid for government funding to extend the dualling as far as Holcot Lane has been submitted and we will update this page once we hear the results of this bid.