Roadside Operations Unit

Our Roadside Operations Unit set up mobile speed deterrent devices which detect and warn offending motorists of excess speed, mobile phone usage and seat belt compliance.

One of the biggest causes for complaint around the county is excess and inappropriate speed, especially in built up areas. The Roadside Operations Unit are able to visit several sites per day as a proactive response to complaints from local communities of speeding and anti-social driving activity.

Our presence in local communities provides public reassurance and reinforces how seriously we take issues of road safety. Due to competing priorities the police are not always able to respond quickly with enforcement activity but our team can often visit a site within a few hours of a request and provide a high visibility presence.

The vehicle activated devices are very effective and displays can be modified to suit the circumstances.

The team completed a record number of over 600 roadside operations in 2015. The service is very much in demand.

Self-Purchase Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) Scheme for parish councils

We offer the opportunity for parish councils to buy, manage and operate your own temporary VAS scheme which can be easily moved to different locations around your community in line with a self-determined programme.

To date, 90 communities have taken advantage of the self-purchase scheme, giving them a large stake in addressing their own speeding issues.

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If you would like a visit from our Roadside Operations Unit for some speed deterrent activity at locations in your area or would like further information please contact the Road Safety Team: