A6 Closure between Desborough and A14

Northamptonshire Highways have been working on the Desborough bypass section of the A6, in both directions, between junction 3 of A14 at Rothwell and B576 roundabout.

Following a routine inspection of the A6 - Desborough Bypass crossing the River Ise, Northamptonshire Highways took immediate action and closed the bridge due to safety concerns.

The main construction work to repair the A6 on the carriageway leading on to the railway bridge started on Monday 03 July 2017. The first steps will be to set up the site compound and move all the required machinery and equipment into the location.

Due to the proximity to the rail line the best way to repair this section of road is to not have deep excavations. Polymer injections will be used to stabilise the deep fill material. Following that backfill materials will be removed and the road surface will be reinstated.

This construction stage of the project requires four specialist contractors who will be working seven days a week, weekends where possible due to rail traffic. The main construction works will take place 7am to 7pm every day. Overnight working is not cost effective due to the solution being used and the rail line.

The works remains on target to be completed by the end of August.

In March we trialled re-opening the southbound lane of the A6 from Braybrooke Road to the A14 to relieve some of the traffic pressure in Desborough and Rothwell. This has worked well and feedback has been positive about this change to the traffic management relieving traffic congestion.

Diversion route

All road users are advised to avoid the area or follow the signed alternative route. Please follow the official diversion which is clearly signed and shown on the Roadworks website.

The main diversion route via the A14, the A43, A6003 and the A427 remains in place. This is very clearly signed and we are committed to encouraging vehicles not to use local roads as they are not suitable due to proximity to local communities and weight limits.

We would like to thank people and businesses in the local communities for their patience while this situation continues and apologise for the inconvenience this is causing.