​Current and planned roadworks in Northamptonshire.

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You can find out about roadworks on Northamptonshire ​roads using the national Roadworks website. Information regarding diversion routes during road closures for works taking place is also available. Please note:

  • You will need to zoom in to find roadworks in your area
  • The map also shows roadworks which are happening within other counties and details of who is carrying out the works.
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How to use the roadworks website

When you enter the Roadworks website, it will automatically display the roadworks for the current day. Should you wish to view roadworks scheduled within the next two weeks please customise the map view either by selecting the timescale above the search box on the right hand side of the screen or by using the following instructions:

Further detail on current roadworks


The A6 between Desborough and A14 in both direction is closed.

Kingsthorpe Hollow junction improvements

Works to the traffic signal controlled junction at the following locations will take place from Monday 26 June:

Windmill Avenue/Deeble Road Kettering Junction Improvements 

Works to improve the roundabout at Windmill Avenue/Deeble Road in Kettering will take place from Monday 10 July.

A605 Barnwell to Elton surfacing

Surfacing work is to take place on the section of the A605 between Barnwell and Elton, which will improve the strength and structure of the carriageway and remove any weak spots. The work will take place between 11 August and 25 August.

Major projects and programmes

See also further information about current major Highways projects and Highways work programmes.

Micro asphalt road repairs 

Micro asphalt is a relatively new and economical solution to resurfacing roads which are starting to show the first signs of wear and tear. We use micro asphalt when the structure of the road is in fairly good condition but the very top surface is beginning to wear and needs sealing to stop water getting in a preventing major deterioration.

Micro asphalt repairs are dependent on fine weather and, as such, the programme of works is liable to change.

View planned roadworks and diversion routes using the roadworks link at the top of the page. 

Works to motorways and trunk roads

Northamptonshire County Council is not responsible for the following roads:

Highways England roads

  • M1
  • A5 between Atherstone and Old Stratford, Milton Keynes
  • A14 between Thrapston and the M1 Junction 19
  • A43 between the M40 Junction 10 and M1 Junction 15a (anything after Junction 15a is NCC)
  • A45 between Thrapston and the M1 Junction 15

Any concerns about works on the above roads must be directed to Highways England using the following link:

Contact Highways England