Health and Wellbeing

​Activity on referral

This is a project to help people get more exercise. If you want to join, you will need to talk to your doctor or nurse at the surgery. For more information, please view the document below:

Annual health check 

Find out about what happens when you have a health check at your doctor's surgery. For more information, please view the document below:

Blood tests

View the document below to find out about the DVD called ' So you need a blood test?', which can be borrowed from Northamptonshire libraries:

Bowel screening

You can watch an accessible film: Why do I need to have bowel screening? You can also access videos about:

For more information please view the document below:

Bowl Screening Video




Here you can access further information about breast screenings and taking care of your or a dependent's breasts. Please view the documents below for further information:

Building together

NHS Nene and Corby Clinical Commissioning Groups plan and buy health services for people with learning disabilities in Northamptonshire. Visit Building Together to find out more.


Macmillan cancer support have put together some Easy Read information about Cancer.

You can find there here


For information about your chemist and what they can help with, please view the document below:

CT scan


Information about dementia and how to live with it below:


Information about the 'Looking after me and my diabetes' course and other details can be found in the document below:

Emergency grabsheet

The grabsheet below can be downloaded, filled out, and printed. This sheet will help you if you need to go to a hospital in an emergency:

First for Wellbeing

A service for everyone in Northampton that will provide support and stop people before they become ill

Flu vaccine (flu jabs)

Please view the easy read document below for information on the flu vaccine

Health Watch

Healthwatch would like to know what you think about the people who look after you and your health. You can fill in the survey

Healthwatch Northamptonshire’s Young People’s Health and Wellbeing Conference Report

Healthwatch Northamptonshire's report on what people said about making complaints about health or social care and what we think should be done to make it better.


You can access hospital information here.

Please view and fill in the documents below with information about you and your support needs. This will help hospital staff when you go the hospital.

  For contact information for out of county hospital visits, please view the document below.

Leaving hospital independence plan and discharge plan

The Independence Pack has lots of useful information:

  • When will I be discharged?
  • Where will I live?
  • Getting help from an advocate
  • Who will support me?
  • My rights
  • Community Services
  • What if things don’t go to plan?

You can find an easy read guide here: Independence Pack

You can find an easy read guide here: Discharge Plan


You can print and fill out these documents with information on your medication to assist hospital staff about medication you take.

MRI Scan

Please view the document below for your guide to MRI scans.

Safeguarding adults

A guide for staff and carers can be accessed via the link below.

You can also contact the health facilitators with the following telephone numbers

  • 01604 651108
  • 01604 651148

Serenity (The sexual assault referral centre)

You can view information about Serenity and to find out what happens if you need to come to the centre.

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