Keep Safe card

Anyone can have a Keep Safe card if they have a learning disability.

Get your own Keep Safe card

How to apply


If you have never had Keep Safe card call Disability Access Service on

01604 888963 or email

Or you can ask for a card by filling in this form:

You can email the form to or send it to this address:

Disability Access Services
Northants Police HQ
Wooton Hall

Download the latest version of the Keep Safe card information leaflet using photosymbols:

If you have lost or need to change your Keep Safe card

You need to tell us if you have lost or damaged your card or if you need to change the information on it by calling

01604 888963 or email

Taking your Keep Safe card out with you 

You must always remember to take your Keep Safe card with you when you are out and about.

You can use your Keep Safe card if you need to tell someone:

  • that you or someone you know has had an accident or is hurt
  • that you are scared or upset and don't know what to do
  • that you are lost
  • that someone has stolen or taken your things
  • that someone hurts or hits you, shouts, swears and calls you names 

​Watch this video with subtitles to know when to use your Keep Safe card:

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