#2 Keeping Up With NGW and Project Angel

06 July 2016
Angel building

This newsletter is for NGW Directorate and Service Team Leads, together with Change Ambassadors and their Mentors.

Key things for you to watch out for next month:

The Angel Charter and the announcement of the new building name

The Angel Charter has now been published and offers a guide to what the new building will offer and how it will operate. Also, in this week's Core Brief Paul Blantern announced the name for the new building, No.1 Angel Square!

Next Generation Working IT Audit

Watch out for IT support staff who are planning on visiting all council buildings moving into Angel over the next few weeks in order to conduct a survey of your IT equipment.

Targeted visits to Change Ambassadors and managers 

Over the next few months the NGW Team will be visiting Change Ambassadors and managers to assess whether there is any specific team support they need in order to be Angel ready. For example, help with their Team Charter, ideas about how their team might work more effectively on the move, or developing IT (both hardware and software) skills.

Don’t get left behind!

Angel Roadshows

We hope you were able to attend one of these roadshows and saw the new Angel video and furniture samples. Hopefully these will have given you further insight into what you can expect from your new working environment! Don't worry if you weren't able to attend, in the next few days this will be live on the Angel webpages.

The AEP Storage Survey deadline has been extended to 30 June

The AEP team are carrying out an important survey to find out the type and volume of resources teams hold, in order to prepare for the move to Angel. If you did miss this deadline, make sure you complete and send back at your earliest opportunity.

Don't forget the Team Charter deadline is on 30 September for those moving into Angel

If you are having any particular questions, or troubles then please contact your Change Ambassador Mentor. It is important to remember that the Team Charter is an ongoing process and needs to be revised periodically. For more information please read our latest Informer article, Has your team completed the Team Charter yet?

StarsStars of the Month

What's everyone else up to?

Sam Fitzgerald, Team Manager for the Short-term Mental Health Review and Assessment Team

Mental Health Review and Assessment team

Sam's team have followed the Bin it, Box it, Scan it campaign and have now really embraced the NGW principle of Digital First with the majority of their papers having been transferred to SharePoint.

Now they are able to use the tablets including CareFirst on the go, check any information with a Ward or Customer, type notes directly onto the site, and reduce that unnecessary travel back to the office. The impact of this change has meant more time spent with customers, less time on administrative tasks and reducing unnecessary travel and retyping information.


Andy Wallace, Regional Contracts Officer

 Andy Wallace"We use conference calls for some meetings already, so looking forward to using Skype for Business or similar IT for meetings more in the future. It’s important for us to be pragmatic rather than dogmatic about how we work, we try to embrace the best of the new ideas"



Suzie Longstaffe, PA to Palvinder Kudhail (Assistant Director, Safeguarding Children's Services)Suzie Longstaffe

"We have adopted a Clear Desk Policy and are trialling hot desking in our office. We have set up a rota so everyone moves round the desks during the week, and has time for remote working, all of which is helping us get into the NGW mindset. By taking these small steps it's getting us ready for the move"


Our Change Ambassadors - How are you all getting on?


Martin Barnwell and team"Our biggest challenge over the next 6 months is rationalising the storage of our equipment; you can store documents electronically, but six rowing machines and four hockey goals are a bit more of a challenge to store! However, we will use SharePoint to make an inventory of all of our equipment"

Martin Barnwell, Business Manager 


Jonathan Sheldon"We implemented and agreed a Team Charter at Christmas, with the full support of our managers and we ensured that everyone throughout the team understood their responsibilities.

Since then we have really progressed in mobile working and we are starting to use SharePoint as a source for paperless meetings"

 Jonathan Sheldon, Curriculum Coordinator



Hilary Merricks "[Our team has created] an open team environment by introducing 'Flexible Working Desk Stickers', inspired by Property Services.

Desk sharing means we work with different people each day, share information and keep up-to-date with other projects within the team"

Hilary Merricks, Transformation Project Manager



And finally...

What are the OLDEST and STRANGEST items you've found in your cupboards? 

Our contenders so far are the Finance Team:

The Oldest

Old records 

The Strangest

Signed photograph of Letitia Dean 

The Finance team also found a dried chicken foot (a Chinese delicacy), but were unable to capture a picture! If you have any items which are old and strange, please send photos of your finds to NGW@northamptonshire.gov.uk

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