Designing for a specialist audience

06 December 2016
Keep Safe website

The Keep Safe Scheme site is aimed at keeping those with a learning disability safe. This site was previously managed by Northamptonshire Police, but when they were no longer able to update and host the site, the NCC web team stepped in to enable the site to be added as part of the Northamptonshire Learning Disability Partnership Board (LDPB) site.

The brief

The main target audience for this site is a specialised one - adults with learning disabilities - so we had to focus on making the site:

  • easy to navigate through
  • easy to read
  • easy to understand

Photo symbolsKeepsafe website

Using a site called Photo symbols allowed us to include a wide range of images that aided our disabled users to understand the information more easily – images including a person holding a telephone would show clearly to someone that 'the contact details are on this page'.

Making sure that images were clear was key, and this made it so much easier to make the site visual.

Using image links and carousel images made the site 'big' and also much more accessible on a mobile device. ​

Meeting the needs of a specialist audience

We met with Claire from the LDPB  to go through the content of the site and how best to make the site accessible for those with a learning disability. Claire's expertise on the needs of those with a learning disability was extremely valuable as we did not have this knowledge.

The LDPB requested that the new site took the same format as the rest of the LDPB pages, which already has its own colour scheme to make it easier to read.

Claire reviewed the content and site design throughout the build and has given some feedback about the final product:


The outcome was fantastic; the site is bold, easy to use and accessible to customers with a learning disability. There is lots of information which is easy to find. I felt that that Emma and Lucy listened to the needs of the LDPB and Lucy has a done great job creating the new pages and keeping it consistent with the current LDPB pages. Thank you so much for your hard work.

Claire Walliker

You can take a look at the Keep Safe site at

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