Sport and Leisure

Welcome to Sport and Leisure page. Here you will find information and links to organisations that provide sport and leisure activities.

The English Federation of Disability Sport

The English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS) is a national charity. They are dedicated to disabled people in sport and physical activity and support other organisations to include disabled people.

To find out more you can visit their website:

Northamptonshire Sport

Northamptonshire Sport believes everyone should have access to sport, recreation and physical activity. They are part of the Northamptonshire Federation of Disability Sport (NFDS) who aim to increase the number of disabled people involved sport, recreation and physical activity in Northamptonshire:

Northamptonshire Football Association

Northamptonshire Football Association offer support to people with learning, physical or sensory disability to be there best. They offer support in different areas, including:

  • Playing
  • Coaching
  • Refereeing

To find out more visit the Northamptonshire Football Association website: