Services for children and young people in Northamptonshire (aged 0-25) with special educational needs and disabilities.

Creative Support Northamptonshire

Type of service:
1-3 Newton Close, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire NN8 6UW
Telephone number:
01933 677889
Service description:
Creative Support exists for the well-being of people with learning difficulties, their services include residential care and support, day services, supported living, educational programmes, and volunteering opportunities.

Befriending Service
The Creative Support Northamptonshire Befriending Service enables adults with learning difficulties to build friendships and have fun in their community.

The service aims to help clients:
• Build on existing friendships and gain new friends
• Learn new skills
• Increase confidence
• Be more independent
• Avoid isolation
• Gain a sense of achievement
• Connect to their community
• Feel valued and respected

How it works:
• Clients are introduced to their befriender (who should have similar interests to the client)
• Creative Support Northamptonshire will help the client build a relationship with their befriender
• Creative Support Northamptonshire will link the client to social activities in the community and other Creative Support Northamptonshire service-users
• The befriender will help the client make choices
• The client and the befriender will meet regularly
• The befriender will help the client make friends
• The client will have one-to-ones with the befriender for as long as necessary

Community Connecting - Community Inclusion
The service offers every person their own one-to-one ‘Community Connector’ who works alongside the person to identify their interests and talents and assist them to find suitable community-based activities.

The service aims to help clients:
To make real and valued contributions to their local communities and offers new and exciting opportunities for work, leisure, and greater social inclusion.

How it works:
• The client will be allocated a Community Connector to help you choose your activities
• The Connector will discover the client’s interests, goals and aspirations
• The Connector will research the relevant provisions available within the client’s community
• The client can try out different activities to see which ones they enjoy
• The Connector will help the client settle into their activities and get to know people
• The client will have help arranging transport to their chosen activities
• The Connector will stay with the client until they feel safe and comfortable without them

Community Connecting - Resource Centres
This service offers small group activities based on what people have said they would like to do in their personal plans.

The service aims to help clients:
To develop friendships, try new things and learn different skills. The service is provided 48 weeks per year and includes evening and weekend opportunities. All these are hosted from a local community resource centre.

How it Works:
• The client will be allocated a ‘Community Link Worker’ to develop their person-centered support plan
• The client will be offered different activities to try
• The Community Link Worker will ensure they can support the client to do what is in their support plan
• The Community Link Worker will work with the client to ensure they get the most from the activities on offer

Domiciliary Support
Creative Support Northamptonshire Domiciliary Support provides personal care (and help with other practical household tasks) to individuals living in their own homes. They ensure people receive a person-centered service that meets their needs and reflects their personal lifestyle choices. The service includes support in the home and support to access community services and facilities.

How it works:
• Clients choose their own support from trained staff (day time, evenings, weekends, and 24-hour on-call support is available)
• Clients are supported to develop new skills and maintain independence
• Clients are supported to develop their own person-centered plan and achieve their goals
• Creative Support Northamptonshire offer new opportunities at home and in your community
• Clients have access to training, work, and voluntary placements
• Clients have peer support to build confidence and social networks
• The support builds on the clients’ strengths and celebrates their achievements
• The service enables independent living

In addition to individual domiciliary support, Creative Support Northamptonshire also organise:
• Social events (including day trips, discos, Sunday lunch clubs, and events such as Northampton Carnival)
• Weekly drop-in sessions
• Service-users and families/carers forums

Housing and Community Support
The Creative Support Northamptonshire Housing and Community Support Service provides community-based sessions that could enable adults with learning difficulties live independently.

The Creative Support Northamptonshire Housing and Community Support Service sessions are for:
• Adults with learning difficulties
• Who live in Northamptonshire
• Who rent or own their homes
• Who are not normally eligible for statutory funding

The Creative Support Northamptonshire Housing and Community Support Service sessions can help with:
• Tenancy Support - Creative Support Northamptonshire will help clients find, keep, and maintain their accommodation. This might include preventing eviction, managing rent or housing benefit, paying bills, furnishing, decorating, dealing with neighbourhood issues, and correspondence.
• Benefits, Budgeting, and Debt Management - Creative Support Northamptonshire will help clients manage their money, set up (and pay) bills, claim benefits, and manage debts.
• Life Skills, Health and Wellbeing - Creative Support Northamptonshire will help clients learn skills that increase their independence. This might include cooking, cleaning, hygiene, and shopping.
• Community Connecting - Creative Support Northamptonshire will help clients find work, training, and volunteering opportunities. They will also help clients find and attend social activities (including cultural and religious needs).
• Befriending - Creative Support Northamptonshire can introduce clients to a volunteer Befriender who will have similar interests.

Creative Support Northamptonshire Housing and Community Support Service Session Details:

Appointment Only
• Monday to Friday (by appointment only)
The Business Exchange Rockingham Road, Kettering NN16 8JX
Phone: 01536 526466
• Monday to Friday (by appointment only)
The Old TA Building, Elizabeth Street, Corby NN17 1PN
Phone: 01536 403566
• Monday to Friday (by appointment only)
The Doddridge Centre, 109 St James Road, Northampton NN5 5LD
Phone: 01604 587195

• Tuesday Drop-In (9am-12noon)
Weston Favell Library, Weston Favell Shopping Centre, Northampton NN3 8JZ
• Wednesday Drop-In (10.30am-1.30pm)
Wellingborough Job Centre, 49-53 West Villa Road, Wellingborough NN8 4NF
• Friday Drop-In (9.30am-1.30pm)
One Stop Shop, The Guildhall, St Giles Square, Northampton NN1 1DE

Residential Services
Creative Support Northamptonshire have five small community-based residential homes in Wellingborough, providing transitional or long-term support in small community settings for adults with learning disabilities and mental health needs.

How it works:
• Creative Support Northamptonshire will assess the client’s support needs in detail
• The client can stay in their chosen home before deciding whether they want to move in
• Clients will be able to access a range of community and social opportunities
• Clients can develop their living and independent skills
• Clients can live at Creative Support Northamptonshire for as long as they like
• If the client ever chooses to move on to a more independent living setting, Creative Support Northamptonshire can help


• Creative Support Northamptonshire - Willowtree House (Creative Support)
7 Poplar Street, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN8 4PL
Telephone: (01933) 222452

• Creative Support Northamptonshire - The Chestnut (Creative Support)
1 Poplar Street, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN8 4PL
Telephone: (01933) 275330

• Creative Support Northamptonshire - Fairlea (Creative Support)
34 Park Road, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN8 4PW
Telephone: (01933) 677889

• Creative Support Northamptonshire - Avonlea (Creative Support)
34 Finedon Road, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN8 4EB
Telephone: (01933) 225197

• Creative Support Northamptonshire - The Frogpond (Creative Support)
109 Great Park Street, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN8 4EA
Telephone: (01933) 677889

Specialist Behaviour Support
Creative Support Northamptonshire Specialist Behaviour Support offers structured support to clients who present with challenging behaviours.

By providing assessment and intervention using positive behaviour approaches, the service aims to help clients to:
• move on to less intensively supported environments
• have more socially-included lifestyles

How it works:
• Creative Support Northamptonshire will get to know the client well
• Creative Support Northamptonshire will try to understand what the client’s behaviour is communicating
• Creative Support Northamptonshire will look at where the client’s life could be busier/more fulfilled/ less stressful
• Creative Support Northamptonshire will help the client gain more coping skills for situations they find difficult
• Creative Support Northamptonshire will treat the client with positive regard

Supported Accommodation
Creative Support Northamptonshire has a range of housing schemes for people with learning disabilities in Wellingborough and Corby.

How it works:
• The client can visit the scheme to meet other tenants and staff
• The staff will help the client develop a personal plan that describes their goals and ambitions
• The client will be allocated a Link Worker
• The client will have a buddy/friend to support them
• Creative Support Northamptonshire can support the client to get their full benefit entitlements
• The client will be supported to be part of your community
• The client will be supported to look for other housing options if/when they feel it is time to move on

Clients who become Creative Support Northamptonshire tenants can expect:
• increased social confidence and expanded social networks
• support with person-centred planning
• future housing options generated and linked to partnership working
• access to structured training and educational opportunities
• maximisation of welfare entitlements
• signposting for work and voluntary placements
• peer support for building capacity, engagement and confidence
• for some a period of stability and associated security/safety/belonging
• for others, a short/medium term platform for move on to self-contained living

This provider has been awarded a local authority contract to provide services for adults with learning disabilities.
Contact provider for cost details
Age range:
13 years - 99 years
Eligibility criteria:
  • Age - School (5-18)
  • Age - Adulthood (18-25)
  • SEND descriptors
Referral route:
  • Contact service direct
  • No referral needed
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