20 October 2017
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Annual audit of Local Offer 2017

If you are a regular user of the Local Offer you may have noticed some changes that have happened since the summer holidays.

For technical reasons – and I can explain if you want – we had to move our database. The new database has provided us with some benefits.

  • We can now add logos to the information, and we think it looks more interesting.
  • We are also able to embed links into the description – while we still provide the old URL links (we had two) we can now put in more. Our software should point out when they break, but please let us know if you find any faults.
  • We can also record if you want to rate a service.
    • We have to be careful not to be seen to endorse, but members of a parent group asked me if this was something I could find a way of adding.
      So, if you want to rave about a group to other parents, let us know and we will start working on it.

We checked all the entries on the services directory and removed the ones that we couldn’t verify. There were some. We found that some of the entries had out of date information, some of the telephone numbers had changed, and some names had changed. We feel confident that we now have an up-to-date list. Our next job is to check all the articles and the links, which we will complete by the end of November.

However, if you are struggling to find any information that you think you should find on the Local Offer, please do get in touch. You can ring on 0300 126 1000 and select option 5, email localoffer@northamptonshire.gov.uk or fill in one of our online forms.

We were recently reviewed by another authority’s team (their NPFG, and Local Authority staff) and they were very complimentary about the ease of finding information on your Local Offer. They think the Northamptonshire Local Offer is a prime example of a good Local Offer, and we agree.

The input of the Governance Group influences the areas that we work on. One of the tasks that they have set for us is to raise the awareness of the Local Offer with families who have children in mainstream schools who are on the SEN Support of the school. This is an area that Ofsted identified for us too. So please share with everyone you know.

And finally, in a commentary about the recent government report about the implementation of the reforms in the SEND Code of Practice, a Special Needs Jungle commentary noted that not many Local Offers were using social media. But we are, and this month we reached the amazing total of over 1000 Facebook followers and we have nearly 650 Twitter followers. 

Thank you, we hope you find the social media helpful.

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