20 March 2017

We love getting out and about meeting people at different events and presentations. We wish we could arrive on a little bus.

Local offer bus 

We welcome your feedback

We are always happy to stand and talk about the Local Offer and we are passionate about the information that is stored on it. The only way that we can improve it, is by hearing what is or isn’t working from our users. Tell us your good news about what you use the Local Offer for as well as what could be better. We have feedback forms you can use, or email us on localoffer@northamptonshire.gov.uk.

There may be a delay in contacting us by telephone at the moment while the county council relocates us into our new building. But please leave a message and we will get back to you.

What we have been up to

We have been to the Moving On Up conference with young people in mainstream schools helping them to think about their futures. Our Local Offer yo-yos were very popular.

We went to the Bright Futures event organised by NPFG and IASS, and also the Downs Parents group to talk to parents about how to use the Local Offer. They were really keen to see all the different swimming opportunities we have identified on the Local Offer. (There are 27 swimming pools listed, including a gite in France with specialist equipment).

Summer SENDsation 2017

We are busy planning the next Summer SENDsation, this year to be held on 11 June. We have even more providers booked this year than the last time, and we are going to try out a few 15 minute workshops.

Provider’s spaces are almost filled up, despite it being such a big venue. This shows how many people want to come back to meet up with families. 

New for this year

New for this year are speakers who will come and talk about some topics that we hope you will find of interest. We have entertainment planned for the children and young people. We will also have an area dedicated to services for young people under the title of "Preparing for Adulthood".

We are also using EventBrite to book for the first time (but you can just turn up on the day) and it would be helpful if anyone who wants to go to one of the workshops to use EventBrite to help the presenters plan their activities.

Keep an eye on our social media pages for up to date information. And if anyone has any control over the weather, we would like to book a sunny day (please).

Book your place now

2020 Vision for SEND

We have also been attending the 2020 Vision for SEND events, and have met lots of people who attended these events at the Park Inn.

Anyone who wasn’t able to get to them in person will be able to watch the films of the speakers and presenters, and send in their comments about what is working well at the moment, and what could be better. It is important that we know the positive things that are working so that they can be included and kept going. Look on the Local Offer 2020 pages for updates. 

So far the events have had a really constructive atmosphere and already there are some ideas such as the health partners telling you how long you will wait to see them.

One of the queries was “How do we put comments on Local Offer?“ There are a few ways to do this. You can email us, you can complete our online forms and you can phone us. The code of practice also states that we don’t have to publish all feedback from parents.

We are always looking for articles for our SNIX magazine. If you want us to make comments about the provision that is on the Local Offer, then we can use the "You Said, We Did" section within our feedback page, we like to keep this up to date. Last summer the Brackley parents got in touch to say how well their new football group for their children was going, and we told the provider how much it was appreciated. 

The deadline for the next SNIX magazine is 10 April, so please let us have any articles that we can publish.

Local offer survey

We have a new survey about the Local Offer as well. We would like to know what people think and what they use the Local Offer website for.

Complete the survey

If you want us to come to one of your events please get in touch (we will bring yo-yos). If you can’t find what you are looking for on the Local Offer we will try to help if you let us know.

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