17 August 2016

Rio 2016 Olympic Games 

The games have been truly entertaining this year, and the "feel good" factor by seeing successful athletes is better described by reporters than I possibly can here. But it is worth sharing that there are lots of sporting opportunities for children and young people on the Local Offer and mainstream groups offer support for children with additional needs. Taking part in sport and exercise provides so many benefits, even for those of us who won’t ever get an Olympic medal.

The Paralympics

...will follow on from the mainstream Olympics and in the last SNIX magazine we advertised the British Cycling quest to find para-cycling stars for Track2Tokyo. If anyone has been inspired by our cyclists this week, this is a real opportunity to get involved in paracycling. The application round closes on 10 October 2016. Do let us know if you get involved. It would be great to follow your success.

Contact British Cycling - Track2Tokyo

Special Olympics

Northamptonshire is in the process of setting up our own Special Olympics once again. It has been a long time since we had one. I remember my mother being so proud of my brother taking part in it many years ago. Look out for the opportunities and you can find this guide on the Local Offer web pages 

Northamptonshire Sport

...are hoping to follow local sportsmen and women, boys and girls during the Paralympics, and every day of September are going to upload a profile of a participant, coach, or volunteer in sport who has a disability, or sensory impairment onto their website and social media.

They have asked if anyone who meets that criteria (or their parents and carers) who is a great role model that can help inspire other people with disabilities and sensory impairments to get more active to answer these simple questions and return them to Graeme Wilson by email with the answers on along with a photo of the individual. He’ll then turn it in to a profile to go on our website and social media pages.   

Northamptonshire Sport Inclusive Month Profile

  1. Name
  2. What disability, or sensory impairment do you have?
  3. What role(s) do you currently have in sport, or physical activity (participant, coach and or other)?
  4. Which sport(s) are you involved in?
  5. Which club, or group do you participate/help in?
  6. How did you get involved in sport/physical activity?
  7. What do you enjoy most about being involved in sport/physical activity?
  8. What health benefits does sport and physical activity bring to you?
  9. Who inspired you to get involved in sport/Physical activity, or is this another question?
  10. What has been your biggest challenge in sport/physical activity and how did you overcome it?
  11. What are your personal goals regarding sport/physical activity in the future?
  12. What would you say to anyone else with a disability, or sensory impairment who is currently inactive, but considering getting involved in sport/physical activity

Please return completed profiles along with a photo of the individual featured by email to Graeme.Wilson@firstforwellbeing.co.uk. Thanks very much! 

Running groups

There are some new running groups for people with a disability.

Mencap Joggers Northampton have a beginners running group especially for people with learning disabilities and their family and friends.

Start Date: Thursday 15 September 2016
Day/Time: Thursdays at 7pm
Cost: £2 per session
Meeting Place: Northampton Mencap Society, NN4 8AA
Contact: Muriel - muriel@northamptonmencap.org.uk  

There is a new running  group called Running Deaf Northampton - a beginners running group especially for people with hearing impairments.

Start Date: Monday 12 September 2016
Day/Time: Mondays 5pm – 6pm
Cost: £30 per person for 10 weeks
Meeting Place: Abington Park Café, Northampton
Contact: Alexy - alexydury2014@gmail.com

See Northamptonshire Sport's website  for the opportunities in Northampton. 

Northamptonshire Sports Awards

The 12th annual Northamptonshire Sports Awards will take place on Thursday 10 November, and are a brilliant opportunity to recognise the sporting achievements of sportsmen and women from around the county. Please nominate anyone who you think deserves recognition for their work.

Northamptonshire Federation of Disability Sports

...also provides  grants to groups for disabled children and adults and it not only makes a difference to the success but also to the health and happiness of the those who take part. In order to continue to support Northamptonshire groups, NFDS needs to generate income, so look out for the competition - we will share it on Local Offer social media - to estimate the number of paralympian medals we will get.

Have a healthy and active summer, and enjoy the sunshine.

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