Further learning or careers information

Are you considering a course with us?

Would you like to progress to further learning and/or employment?

Would you like support from a qualified National Careers Service adviser?

National Careers Service advisers can help to:

  • assess your skills
  • look for qualifications and training opportunities
  • explore your career ideas
  • develop your CV
  • improve your interview and presentation skills
  • understand the local job market

If you are enrolled on, or considering enrolling for a course or qualification with us, we can signpost you to the National Careers Service.

For more information please email communitylearning@northamptonshire.gov.uk or call us on 01604 367 119.

Your details are not shared outside of our organisation. Our service is delivered in accordance with the principles of the nationally recognised matrix quality standard.

Continuing your learning

If, after you have attended an adult learning course, you wish to progress further please refer to the progression information, advice, and guidance provided during your course (as below):

 Alternatively, you can contact your local college or university to enquire:

Labour market information

Labour market information can help you make a good decision when you want to progress into work, change jobs or move to a new area. It can help you find out what the labour market is like for different job sectors. Find out about key employment sectors for our area, the South East Midlands.