Neighbourhood Learning success stories

​Job seeker with no previous IT skills



The Job Centre suggested I should go to the Irish Centre to get some IT skills, as I have never used a computer before. Although it was strange at first, it was good to have a go with the rest of the group. By the third week, I had my own email and got a message back straight away when I wrote an email to my friend! When I had finished the course, I went to the Library Drop In for Job Seekers on Wednesday for a couple of weeks for a bit of extra help and sent in a couple of applications with my new CV. Happily, I got a job soon after.

A retired library user


 I’d heard that there were Basic IT courses at the Library from a friend who went along last year. I put my name down with the Library staff who were very helpful and told me I might have to wait a month or two as the courses are quite popular. When I got started I was glad to find the others in the group were as green as me, but we all quickly got better with the Tutor’s help. I wanted to be able to do my shopping online and by the end of the 6 weeks, I was confident to find what I wanted, and set up an account with Morrisons using the email I hadn’t understood before. Best of all, I was frightened to try before I started and now I’m confident to have a go. I’m going to book my holiday online this year!

A single mother, planning to go back to work



 I haven’t been in this town long and my youngest child is going to school next year. It was great to get some help with my CV and learn about the kind of jobs that I could start applying for. It was helpful to think about my skills and start to make a step by step plan for the future. It doesn’t seem so daunting as it was before.

Client at the Teamwork Trust



 I like the Neighbourhood Learning courses we have at Teamwork. I’ve done Digital Photography on a tablet and I’ve got a Photobook of my pictures that we made. I also did a brilliant Sewing to Sell course. We made lots of things and sold them at the Christmas Fair.