Consultation on the provision and delivery of Universal Children’s Services and de-designation of Children Centres in Northamptonshire 2018

​The council recognises the importance of the provision of support for parents and children in their early years. 

Following the council’s decision in February to decommission 21 libraries in the county, we asked for views on the locations of universal children’s centre services and the range of services available. Whilst these issues are related, it is important to understand that a designated children’s centre relates to physical premises at a specific location, and the provision of services is about a description of services that can be delivered via a number of different buildings or locations.

The universal children’s services will be provided based on need and evidence-based interventions within the County that are accessible to families with children under 5. The council asked the views of existing and future service users to consider how best to achieve this and shape our services going forward. 

The feedback from the consultation, along with a needs assessment was considered by Cabinet in September 2018 (Item 12).