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Online safety sessions for schools

Northamptonshire County Council has an online safety team that provides the following training and workshops for young people within schools and organisations.

  • Staff session – 2 hours on ways to keep young people safe online.
  • Parent session – 1 hour aimed at parents and carers on ways to keep young people safe online.
  • Young people/student session (5 to 18 years) – 1 hour per session but email us for more information.
  • Governor training – 1 hour covering good practice and affective online safety polices.

A video clip of Simon Aston, our online safety officer, working with some sixth form students.  



For more information and costings please email:


What policies and documents should my school or setting have in place?

If you provide children and young people with access to the internet and technologies you should have the following in place:

  • Online safety policy – Details the technical infrastructure, filtering provision, safeguarding measures, levels of education and training for staff, parents and pupils.
  • Staff acceptable use policy – This document governs staff use of technologies and the internet.
  • Online safety audit – All online safety incidents should be logged to provide an audit trail of actions taken and individuals involved.

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