Schools finance and budgeting

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14 February 2019 - Primary and secondary schools and academies formula funding budgets

2019 to 2020 primary and secondary schools and academies formula funding budget look-up tool is available on the Budget information page.

13 February 2019 - Schools and academies monthly payments

Payment information for February has been added to the payments file on the Monthly top ups webpage.

5 February 2019 - Three Year Plan 2019 to 2020 and Quarter 3 VAT reimbursement

The new version of the three year plan and VAT reimbursement details are now available on the Guidance and procedures webpage.

16 January 2019 - Special schools budget 2019 to 2020

Special school budgets have been published on the Budget and funding information webpage.

04 December 2018 - LB4 VAT Paperwork October to December 2018

LB4 VAT forms are now available on the forms library webpage.