Participation Programme

The participation programme is managed by the Virtual School team. It offers study support activities for young people in care.

There are also higher education visits for Year 11 and 12 students to local universities to give the young people an insight into life and study at university.

What is the aim of the programme?

There is an emphasis on:

  • engagement
  • motivation and raising self esteem
  • targeting literacy, numeracy and ICT skills 

We believe that like all study support activities it contributes to the prevention agenda by engaging vulnerable young people in positive activities, offering safe and trusted adults for the young people to talk to and encourages a belief in the ability to succeed.

Where possible we seek to link the activities that the young people participate in to opportunities to gain awards and recognition ranging from Children’s University credits to Arts Awards and Student Leadership experiences.

By offering transport to and from the after school sessions (except for the holiday programmes), snacks, liaison with schools, social workers and carers, we remove many of the barriers to participation in out of school activities faced by young people in care, as well as offering a continuity of staff and venues over the secondary school years.

What type of activities can young people take part in?

Activities over the past include: 

  • Animation
  • Creative digital media
  • Drama
  • Film-making
  • ICT
  • Maths is Fun workshops
  • Match day activities at Cobblers and Saints
  • Sailing where students gained RYA level 1
  • Outdoor education activities at Grendon Hall
  • Radio workshop at Inspirations FM
  • Sports related learning
  • Team building activities
  • Theatre visits, positive activity days to London and a drama residential at Grendon.

What happens after young people have finished a programme?

Once they have attended an after school programme they may also be invited to participate in holiday or weekend activities.

At the end of the year the students are invited to a pool party and barbeque at Grendon Hall followed by an awards ceremony to which carers, school staff, social workers and other colleagues are invited.

We feel it is important to celebrate the success of the students that have shown a commitment and attended the after school programme and holiday activities with Kic.in2.Study and to congratulate their achievements.

How does a young person sign up for the programme? 

If you require more information or would like to sign up a young person for a programme, please contact us:

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