Welcome to the Northamptonshire Virtual School

Dedicated educational support for children in care 

The Virtual School is a team of experienced teachers and dedicated educational professionals. Children smilingThey promote, and support, the educational attainment and progress of Northamptonshire’s children in care and children previously in care by:

  • championing the educational needs of children in care
  • promoting the educational achievement of children in care, by providing suitable advice and information to schools and settings
  • monitoring the attendance and educational progress of children in care
  • supporting schools by completing up-to-date, effective and high quality Personal Education Plans (PEPs) that focus on educational outcomes
  • promoting a culture that takes account of the child's views, and promotes the child's views in shaping the PEP
  • providing dedicated training for schools, designated teachers, social workers, and carers
  • organising and delivering participation activities to provide children with new experiences
  • allocating Pupil Premium Plus (PPP) funding for eligible statutory school age children in care
  • working with schools and educational settings to ensure PPP funding is used effectively to facilitate each child's educational attainment and progress
  • promoting the educational achievement of previously looked-after children by giving information and advice to parents and educators

Contact us

Phone: 01604 365 912

Email: virtualschool@childrenfirstnorthamptonshire.co.uk