Personal Education Plans (PEPs)

Every child in the care of the local authority must have a Care Plan, of which the PEP is an integral part. The PEP (pre-school to age 18) should be initiated as part of the care plan. It is an evolving record of what needs to happen for children in care to enable them to make at least expected progress and fulfil their potential. The PEP is a personalised approach to learning that meets the child's education needs, raises aspirations and builds life chances. The school, other professionals and the child's carers should use the PEP to support these things.

What is in a PEP?

A child's PEP is developed and reviewed with all key stakeholders, reflecting a working partnership and a shared understanding of what needs to happen to help the child achieve his or her potential.

It represents shared expertise, the child's views, and should set SMART targets to monitor academic progress, aspirations, and achievement. The PEP must be completed on ePEP by both the social worker and designated teacher or person. Social workers must complete Section A of the PEP, while designated teachers and persons should complete Sections B, C, and D.

How do I arrange a PEP?

Contact the social worker for the child, who will then speak to other professionals including the education setting.

How do I complete a PEP?

All PEPs for children in care to Northamptonshire will need to be undertaken using the ePEP system. Day-to-day administrative ePEP support is provided by the Virtual School team.

Complete a PEP

For any queries, please contact:


For Post-16 PEPS, please refer to separate guidance found at the bottom of this page.

When is a PEP needed?

A PEP will need to be carried out or reviewed:

  • when a child is received into care (Care Planning Regs – within 20 days) – ready for first care review
  • at least every term (3 times per academic year)
  • for any concerns, call a PEP review

Support completing a PEP

The guides below provide information and guidance on using the ePEP system, and the responsibilities of key professionals:

You can request a login to access ePEP if you don't already have one by contacting the Virtual School team.

How do I record children's views?

The children and young people’s views should be facilitated by the designated teachers and recorded on the ePEP system. No paper copies are required to capture children and young people’s views. The child's views should clearly shape and influence the PEP.

How do I record the carers' views?

Please capture any views the carer wishes to make within the PEP meeting notes on ePEP.

Post-16 PEPs

The Post-16 PEP is designed to inform a young person's Pathway Plan and differs in many respects from the statutory school age PEP. Please see the guidance and flow charts below for further information:

Complete a PEP