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Oaasis - support for autistic children.

Type of service:
Advice And Support
Vicars Hill, The Croft, Lymington, Hants , SO41 5QB
Telephone number:
0800 902 0732 HELPLINE
Mobile number:
Email address:
Service description:
Office for Advice, Assistance, Support and Information on Special needs
A resource for parents & professionals caring for children and young people with Autism / Asperger Syndrome and other learning disabilities.
Lost in the maze of special education?
Find invaluable information & advice in our Free Publications
Learn more about ASD & other learning disabilities
OAASIS now has an ASD specific advisor to talk to parents and professionals on behaviour issues at home and school.
The OAASIS manager can advise on all SEN related issues.
Our helpline is open Monday to Friday 10am to 4.30pm or you can email us .
Age range:
0 - 99 years
Opening hours:
Ofsted Inspection Grade:
Additional information:
Eligibility criteria:
  • Autism
Referral route:
  • Self Referral
Location map: