Website performance

​​​​​​Our website is the online front door to the council and its services.

Our standards

Our standards for the website are available on our service standards page.

Who's in charge?

Our web manager is Richard Beards. He can be contacted at

Our targets and performance

Website uptime

We use an independent site monitoring service provided by Site Improve to ensure our website is performing satisfactorily.

​Measure​What it means​Target​Performance December 2018
​% Website uptime​The % of time in the month the Northamptonshire County Council website was available​99.5%​99.99%
​% Mapping uptime
​The % of time in the month the Northamptonshire County Council website was available.

Website content review

The web team ensure corporate content standards are met by reviewing all website content created by website authors working in service areas. The web team aim to review all content sent for approval within 24 hours.

Forms satisfaction

After completing a form all visitors are offered the option to rate the form.

​Satisfaction questionHow we performed in December 2018​How we performed in November 2018
​Overall rating
79% (4 or 5 stars out of 1581)
85% (4 or 5 stars out of 2238)

Forms comments

  • Request to move to a school in Northamptonshire (in year admission) - "Excellent online application service. Easy to use both quick and efficient!"
  • Report a safeguarding concern or alleged abuse to adult social services - "Easy to fill out form and covers most items necessary to file a successful report."
  • Apply for free school meals - "This was such a user friendly process and very easy to follow. Two thumbs up to the people behind it at Northamptonshire County Council."

Website updates

Improvements we have made to the website in December 2018: