Budget Equality Impact Assessments 2015-16

​​These are Equality Impact Assessments (EqIAs) associated with the budget setting process for 2015-20, but specifically relate to proposals that will impact in 2015-16.

Not all budget lines that will have an impact in 2015-16 will have an impact assessment. This is because some are technical adjustments or proposals that do not impact on services or staff and where the service considers that an assessment is not required and other budget proposals may not have an assessment at this point as they are high level proposals for which the detail still needs to be formed. Where this is the case these are identified below and the date when an EqIA will be completed by is shown.

Overall Budget Equality Impact Assessments

​2015-16 Final Budget Equality Impact Assessments
​14-009-05​Income target for European funding (not required)
​14-009-04​Minimum Revenue Provision (MRP) Review (not required - technical adjustment)
​14-009-03​Reduction in interest on borrowing (not required)
​14-009-02​Investment Scheme Savings (not required)
​14-008-15​Income increase from Knuston Hall (not required)
​14-008-14​Income from NSport (not required)
​14-008-13​Cultural Planning and Policy function (not required)
​14-008-11Reduction in funding for Healthwatch Northamptonshire Community Interest Company (PDF format 194KB)
​14-006-21Continuation of the High Ability Low Overhead (HALO) agenda in the Environment, Development and Transport directorate (PDF format 177KB)
​14-006-20​Highway capitalisation (not required - technical adjustment)
​14-006-19 ​Fire Service Community Protection Plan
​14-006-18​Waste Contract Savings (not required - technical adjustment)
​14-006-16​Restructure of community safety and voluntary sector support teams (PDF format 193KB)
​14-006-04​New Economic Development Model (not required)
​14-006-02​Extension of Highways Contract (not required - technical adjustment)
​14-005-02​Empowering Councillors (not required)
​14-005-01​LGSS savings per Strategic Plan and additional savings requirement (not required)
​14-004-02​Staff restructure of executive support team (not required)
​14-004-01​Revised structure of Business Intelligence Unit and rationalisation of staffing arrangements (not required)
​14-002-18​Early Years Single Team (EqIA to be developed in April 2015)
​14-002-17​Early Help and Prevention Budget Review (not required)
​14-002-07​Business support review of non-social care activities in Children, Families and Education directorate (not required)
​14-002-05Better targeted Children's Centre service review (PDF format 186KB)
​14-002-04​Reduction of 'Out of County' children and young people placements (not required)
​14-002-03​Increased In-House Fostering Capacity (not required)
14-002-02c​​Educational Psychology Traded Income (not required)
14-002-02b​​School Redundancy Budget Reduction (not required - technical adjustment)
​14-001-16​Transformation of Learning Disability Services (EqIA to be developed in October 2015)
​14-001-15​Business Support Review (not required - deletion of vacant posts with no impact on staff or customers)
​14-001-14​New process for Collection of Client Contributions to Care Packages (not required - application of existing policy)
​14-001-12​Application of Fair and Affordable Care Policy (not required - application of existing policy)
​14-001-09​Application of Eligibility Criteria (not required - application of existing policy)
​14-001-07​Enhanced use of Assistive Technology (EqIA to be developed in June 2015)
​14-001-05​Shared Lives (Adult Fostering) (not required - no change to policy or service)
​14-001-04​Ordinary Residence (not required - application of legal requirements)
​14-001-03​Commissioning led review of care packages (EqIA to be developed in June 2015)
​13-009-03​Shared Management with other public sector bodies, or strategic partners (EqIAs will be undertaken, where required, as and when opportunities for shared management arise)
​13-008-05​Everdon, Grendon, Longtown - service review (not required)
​13-008-03​Country Park development (not required)
​13-006-09​ Subsidised Transport Policy (not required)
​13-006-08Collaboration on collection and disposal of waste and recycling (PDF format 176KB)
​13-005-09​External Audit fees (not required)
​13-005-08​Training Efficiencies (not required)
​13-005-06​Customer Services - shared services with public sector partners (not required)
​13-002-07​Learning Skills and Education - Contract Review (not required)
​13-002-06Nourish school meals service to be self-sustaining (PDF format 179KB)
​13-001-09b​Improved utilisation of Shaw PFI care contract (EqIA to be developed in 2015)
​13-001-09c​Contract Renegotiation with OCS Ltd (EqIA to be developed in October 2015)
​13-001-08​Adult social care pressure with NHS (not required)
​13-001-04​Fairer Contribution Strategy continuing (PDF format 337KB)
​13-001-02​Monitoring and Payments Team saving (ASC) (PDF format 190KB)
​11-006-23​Increased income charges (Environment, Development and Transport) (PDF format 182KB)
​11-006-11​Joint Trading Standards opportunity (PDF format 182KB)
​11-006-05​ Energy Efficiency Programme (PDF format 177KB)


and 13-005-07

​Leverage on Assets (not required)

​Income generation through fees and charging and minor service review - Registration (PDF format 195KB)

Income generation through fees and charging and minor service review - Registration (with clickable link) (Word format 381KB)

​11-002-07a​Income generation through fees and charging - Archives (not required)
​11-002-05a​Staffing Reductions - Archives and Heritage (PDF format 182KB)
​11-002-03​Implementation of the Library Service Review (PDF format 188KB)
​11-001-36Transformation of adult social care services (PDF format 188KB)
​11-001-20​Revised timing  of benefit achieved from reablement services (not required - technical adjustment)
​10-034-01a​Pensions increases (not required - technical adjustment)
​10-006-01​Benefit inflation increase reflected in Adult Social Care client contribution scheme (not required)