Budget proposals EqIAs 2017-18

​These are Impact Assessments associated with the budget setting process for 2017 to 2018.

In preparation for our final budget, we have expanded upon the normal Equality Impact Assessments (EqIAs), which help us to meet our duties under the Equality Act 2010 to give due regard to the consideration of people with protected characteristics during decision-making. These now also include an assessment of the wider implications of a proposal, as well as a high-level delivery plan where this has already been developed. We have called these Integrated Impact Assessments (IIAs).

Some technical adjustments, proposals which are the full-year effect of savings decisions taken in 2016/17 and proposals which are business as usual to implement have not had an IIA produced. Where this is the case these are identified in the table below explaining why they have not been produced.


​2017-18 Budget Integrated Impact Assessments - Adult social care
​16-001-04​Financial Controls, Income and Improved Debt Position (PDF 471KB)
​16-001-05Prevention and Eligibility (PDF 479KB)
​16-001-06​Staffing and Effective Structural Efficiencies (PDF 470KB)
​16-001-07​Purchasing and Placements Savings (PDF 503KB)
​16-001-17​Partnerships (PDF 478KB)
​16-001-18​Review of OCS (PDF 473KB)
​2017-18 Budget Integrated Impact Assessments - Children, families and education
​15-004-19​Fees and Charges (PDF 438KB)
​16-002-01​Targeted Early Help Service Contracts - Children's Centre elements (PDF 469KB)
​16-002-01​Targeted Early Help Service Contracts - non-Children's Centre elements (PDF 469KB)
​16-002-02Children's Services Workforce Remodelling and System Improvements (PDF 486KB)
​16-002-03​​First Point of Contact Improvements (PDF 459KB)
​16-002-06 / 16-002-24 / 16-002-26  ​​New Models of Care Delivery / An Improved Pathway for 14-25 year olds / Review of Fostering and Adoption Provision (PDF 507KB)
​16-002-07Changes to the Leaving Care Policy (PDF 450KB)
​16-002-08 / 16-002-27 ​Children's Placement Commissioning Efficiencies / Children Within Residential Care Receiving Education Placements (PDF 473KB)
​16-002-10 / 16-002-25​Rationalisation of School Improvement Services / Efficiencies within Learning, Skills & Education (PDF 445KB)
​16-002-11​Efficiencies within the Youth Offending Service (PDF 432KB)
​2017-18 Budget Integrated Impact Assessments - Public Health (including First for Wellbeing)
​15-004-19a​Increased Income Through Fees and Charges (PDF 439KB)
​15-008-13​First for Wellbeing Business Case Savings (PDF  475KB)
​16-008-14Third Sector Support (Healthwatch) (PDF 471KB)
​16-008-14​Third Sector Support (VIN) (PDF 479KB)
​16-008-15Commercial Income Target (PDF 436KB)
​16-008-17​  First for Wellbeing Establishment Rationalisation (PDF 427KB)
​2017-18 Budget Integrated Impact Assessments - Chief Executive's Service
​14-005-01LGSS Operational Savings (PDF 453KB)
​15-004-25​Increased Use of Social Impact Bonds and New Financing Streams (PDF 437KB)
​16-004-01​Next Generation Working (PDF 429KB)
​16-004-06​Community Hub Review (PDF 438KB)
​16-004-08​Occupational Health (PDF 427KB)
​16-006-09​IT (PDF 427KB)
​2017-18 Budget Integrated Impact Assessments - Place Directorate
​13-005-07 / 16-006-10Property Exploitation Strategy (PDF 436KB)
​13-006-01​​Total Transport - Social Enterprise Model (PDF 434KB)
​13-009-08b​Project Angel Property Operational Savings (PDF 428KB)
​14-006-23​Review of Fire Service (PDF 438KB)
​15-006-42​England's Economic Heartland (PDF 433KB)
​15-006-44​Place Joint Venture (PDF format 451KB)
​15-006-45Partnership with Neighbouring Authorities (PDF 437KB)
​15-006-47​Place Commissioning Efficiencies (PDF 432KB)
​15-009-09​PFI Schemes - Review of Contract Costs (PDF 433KB)
​15-009-10​PFI Schemes - Debt Assignment (PDF 430KB)
​16-006-03​Trading Standards Reduction (PDF 432KB)
​16-006-04​Home to School Transport Review (PDF 459KB)
​16-006-05​Archives Service Review (PDF 432KB)
​16-006-06​Income Generation (PDF 430KB)
​16-006-08​Economic Development Reduction (PDF 432KB)
​16-006-09​No 1 Angel Square Asset Exploitation (PDF 434KB)