Autism Strategy Priority 1: Awareness

What is the aim?

Many more people will know about and understand autism and how everyone has different skills and needs. This will give autistic people the best chance to have a good future.

How will it happen?

A Raising Awareness and Understanding group will be set up to:

  • Agree different types of training for the staff in all the main services. This might be general training or specialised training if the staff work very closely with autistic people or help them make decisions about their lives.
  • Bring together a group of people who already have experience of working with autistic people. They will be called Autism Champions and will share their knowledge and skills within their service.
  • Make an online portal where anyone can get advice and information about autism.
  • Make sure autistic people are safe in the community and free from the risk of discrimination, hate crime and abuse.

What should the result be?

  • More staff get the right training to support autistic people.
  • Autism Champions make good changes happen in their service.
  • Less people get directed to the wrong type of service or support.
  • Less people need urgent help or go into hospital because they did not get good early support.
  • More people go online to get help and advice from the new portal.
  • Less people are victims of discrimination, hate crime or abuse.
  • Less people get into trouble with the law.

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