Autism Strategy Priority 3: Opportunities

What is the aim?

​The views, wishes and feelings of individuals, families, and carers will be at the centre of personalised planning. 

Northamptonshire will make sure:

  • people of any ability can access supported opportunities
  • employers are more aware of autism and they will be encouraged to make reasonable adjustments
  • Disability Employment Advisors are given specialist autism knowledge
  • Apprenticeship schemes, job coaching, work experience, and self-employment are promoted. 

How will it happen?

An Exploring Life group will be set up to:

  • Make sure people get reasonable adjustments so they can access public services.
  • Remove any barriers to employment and make sure people get easy access to the routes into employment or benefits.
  • Make sure people get support to get the right job and to stay in it.
  • Make sure people get easy access to, and positive experience of, meaningful social and leisure opportunities.
  • Make sure autistic people and their families have clear information and advice about, and access to an appropriate range of accommodation options. This should include financial information and support about how to manage personal finances and household budgeting.
  • Partnerships with criminal justice agencies or organisations.

What should the result be?

There are more appropriate accommodation, autism friendly employment opportunities, peer mentoring schemes and meaningful social and leisure options available.

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