Autism Strategy Priority 4: Transitions

What is the aim?

Transition means any time that people move from one thing to another usually in school or at the end of school. The aim is to produce and use a local Transitions pathway.

This will be done by working with people who use services to agree how the pathway should work. This type of working is called co-production.

How will it happen?

A Step by Step Guide to Transitions group will be set up to:

  • Help people to get the right support and assessment so they can follow their hopes and plan the life they want after leaving education, including going to work.
  • Have a process that involves all the right organisations to plan support at key stages in the lives of autistic children, young people and adults.
  • Make sure key transition times are well-planned and managed.
  • Promote the transfer of key information from one organisation to another when someone moves.
  • Encourage good communication, use of information, personal plans to settle people into a new place (called induction) and the involvement of the individual and their families.
  • Think about having an autism Crisis Team made up of different professionals to help people in an urgent situation.

What should the result be?

All agencies will work together to support transitions.

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